Friday, February 01, 2013

My new love

Really, I can't think of anything more honouring then when others donate in your name to your favourite charity.
Usually it is done on a sad occasions donating to the charity that represents these causes of death. But more and more people donate in honour of someone to their favourite charity, instead of gifts for birthdays, Christmas, as a show of appreciation for you being you, etc.
I myself have given a few sponsorships of donkeys as gifts for Birthdays and Christmas mainly to also raise awareness of our existence. And those gifts were always loved by their recipients.

Needless to say I was overwhelmed with joy when my boss donated in my name to the DSC at Christmas time as a gift to me. For me it tells me that she is interested in what goes on in my life and what makes me happy and where my passion lies while showing appreciation for what I have done at work and for her. It was unexpected and I really appreciated the gift~~~~~~ Sometimes we get gifts just because, no special occasion, just as a token of their appreciation and love for you. Such a gift was presented to me from my new BBF (lol)/ Boss out of the blue sometime in early December. The funny part of this was that I was the one preparing all the letters and packages for sponsorships, and I was not expecting this at all, when I worked on this particular sponsorship that ended up being for myself. Funny too that I can make my boss do my work for me at times as well...we give people the option of having a special message sent with the packages and I am the one usually writing those as well, however when it came to putting this package together I refused to write my own note lol and she ended up doing my 'job'. Hey where else can you get the ED of an organisation do your job? lol I think I got more of a kick out of that than anything else. But again it showed that somebody cares and pays attention to what you say and what you like. And I am so in love with Joker. Joker was a surrender together with his sister and mom last summer.When he first arrived, Joker was very frightened about being handled, and it was difficult to trim their hooves and administer the regular health checks necessary when new donkeys are admitted at the main Sanctuary farm. He continually took comfort from Kylie, believed to be his mother, who was as solid and calm as any donkey we have taken in. Living in a paddock next to the busy barnyard lane, Joker quickly learned that scratches from visitors feel good, and he could often be found standing beside the fence, hoping for ear rubs during Open Days. He still is shy but over the fence he is the cuddliest guy ever and we had many snuggles over the fence. Not is he only affectionate he is also a very handsome donkey boy. Just look at him, I love his devilish eyes.


Sharon said...

Handsome fellow!

Sandra said...

I once received a donation in my name to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and I was beyond overwhelmed! It meant so much to me: it meant my friend was really listening, it meant she understood me and my passions and that she accepts me the way I am. It's a gift really that keeps giving. I don't think I could receive a more meaningful gift.

Joker is really handsome... give him a few scratches behing the ears for me:)

Tina said...

Thanks Sandra and Sharon, yes he is a handsome fellow and true to his name, always up to no good in a silly way.