Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Equine Therapy

Even though I am almost twice a week at the DSC I haven't had really any equine therapy for the longest time now. Being stuck in the office sucks, even though I love that job, but I would much rather be down in the barn, smell like donkey and get dead tired from working hard, but physically that's not possible right now and with the winter the way it's been I have not managed even making my way down to the barn for a extended period of time. So I do miss my donkey friends at the DSC.
Saturday I visited three old donkey friends and made two new ones.
  And it was so  much fun, we worked hard in the barn picking poop and putting new bedding down for the five donkeys, we groomed the donkeys and then turned them out, which was a little strenuous on me but Willy and I managed, lesson learnt at the endeavour, two fat asses ( mine and Willy) can't go through a gate at the same time, also Willy forgot his manners in letting me go first, but I guess he knew where to go and I didn't lol.
We laughed a lot and the fresh air did us good. Once all the chores were done and the donkeys happy outside we retreated to the farm house and ordered Chinese food. Ok best Chinese food I have ever had. And what a way to spend your day, eating amongst friends while watching horses and donkeys roam outside the window. It was a lovely day. I was really tired and I think I slept through the night for the first time in a very long time. Awesome day!

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