Monday, February 18, 2013

A Blast in the Past

Saturday I attended a milestone birthday party for a dear friend. Her being a child of the sixties, we were all transformed back to that era. The venue for the celebration was the house of two of her best friends.The decoration in the windows were the first clue that I was at the right house in an unknown to me area of a different city. The whole party area was decorated with flowers, peace signs, beads, posters of 60s art and anything else you could think of from the sixties. The background music was amazing and even though I was born the the mid sixties, I only experienced part of it through the music my mom listened to and the things I have heard and read.Upon entering we were decked out in sixties gear in the form of flowers in your hair or beads around your neck. It was great and it promised to be a lot of fun. Many of her friends dressed in Tye dye T's, headbands and flowers and it was just a beautiful array of colours.
The celebration was an Open House kind of arrangement, so there was a constant coming and going. And boy there sure were a  lot of people coming and it was so much fun. The 60 candles on the birthday cake posed a little bit of a fire hazard but all went well. It was just a great party all around. Great people, great food, great music and great loving, peaceful atmosphere.
I am glad she had such a great birthday, topped of by a surprise visit from her daughter from Vancouver.
Happy Birthday my dear friend!

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