Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stress levels slightly elevated

Well slightly is an understatement. Let me figure this one out....I changed job positions to get some more rest and recovery time, which was thought to slightly reduce my hours of work....well that was the plan at least, but somehow I have worked more hours per week than before this change, not sure where that went wrong. Not complaining too much because work is work and I love my job however the responsiblities are much greater and at times a little stressy. I have also taken on some administrative duties at the DSC besides the volunteer coordinating, however due to unforseen circumstances I am not doing a great job at those ones as of right now, because I will miss my first full days in the office. It can't be helped and everybody is understanding yet knowing that I am not fulfilling my duties puts some self inflicted stress on me as I don't like leaving things that way. I am also missing a huge important DSC meeting today due to the biggest stressor right now.....well the crew has arrived and it's time to let the fun begin, or I shall rather say the digging. I just hope and pray there are no surprises deep down that would make things more complicated than they already advice yesterday from the estimator.......For Sale sign on the front lawn or a big lottery win.
I guess it could be worse, it could be the Furnace not working at -22 Celsius. We are roughing it, but after Olancha that is a piece of cake.
Well let's just get this over and done with....Happy Digging!

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S. J. Qualls said...

Oh, dear, the things that we get ourselves into... and then life throws a curve too!

Not good for stress levels...