Monday, October 22, 2012

Red Hats off!

This past Sunday we organized our first, hopefully annual Sunday Afternoon Tea Social to raise money for the After School Program that run out of our facility and various schools around the city. Due to major cutbacks in the budget we have looked into many ideas for raising funds so we can help keep these programs alive. We have been having a book sale at work since the end of summer, which has raised lots of moneys so far as well have sold some hockey equipments. The social tea was our latest adventure in raising awareness to the cause as well as raising funds. When we were thinking about the idea in the beginning we weren't quite sure what to do and enlisted the help from Diva Jan, Queen of Bites and Bytes, from the Red Hat Society. She was, right from the start very supportive and creative in helping us to pull this all together. We had over 30 ladies attend the Tea Social, and two came from as far as New York State to spend the afternoon with us. A good time was had by everybody. We had great food, great door prizes, great draw prizes, and of course tea. Staff volunteered their time for the afternoon and many hours of prep time in the weeks before the event.  The afternoon was a big success and we were all very happy with the event and the outcome of it. Plans for next years event are already in the making.
The Red Hatters sure were a generous group of great woman, and like any great women group would be, they all stick together, support each other, are there as a friend or sister and just have fun.
Hats off to those amazing ladies who not only made the event a huge success but also very funny and colourful.

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Sharon said...

That's just wonderful! Sounds like you are cooking now. What's up next?