Friday, August 31, 2012


As I read my Stitching sisters' blogs I am wondering...Stitching? What is stitching? I haven't held a needle in my hands for months now other then mending things. Even sorted through my stash the other day and put it neatly way. Stitching? I haven't had the time nor the energy nor the drive to pick up my work, even though everybody want's me to do some more donkey ornaments for Christmas in the LONGEAR BOUTIQUE. Not even sure if I will get to making any of those. Do I miss stitching? More like the company of the stitching sisters, but hopefully I will find a routine for my days and find some time for stitching as well. Maybe giving up another job will be in order, but I haven't made up my mind about it yet. Sometimes it is hard to deal with certain people and who needs that stuff in their life. Funny how some will jump to conclusions when they have no idea what things are about and then they create their own drama or make up their own excuses for their behaviour. People are just so complicated and I am one for  why make it complicated when there are easier ways of dealing with things that are much more effective. Oh well, not my shit to shovel.
Work has been busy as usual and it was nice to catch up with the old retired boss today as she stopped by for a visit. She is still such a great resource to us and always there to help. Well I have still not packed anything else but my donkey gear, the most important things and I am off to work again.....Hope everybody is having a great evening and a great long weekend.

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S. J. Qualls said...

I have laid aside a lot of my former diversions, I don't really miss them and not inclined to get back into them. You did do some awfully pretty stitching though....

Time is really counting down now! It won't be long now!