Thursday, August 02, 2012

More excitement than I want to handle early in the morning!

Yesterday morning I did my routinely thing of the things I do every morning, but somehow I chose a different route to work, normally driving up to the Farm I use the country roads, but to change things up a little I decided to drive up to Cambridge and go from there around town and across to the DSC. Well part of the drive takes me through a section of the city. I am just motoring along and come up to a red light and stopped as the first car at the red light. All of a sudden this red car comes shooting past me running the red light, thankfully nobody came out of the intersection at that moment. I have seen people run red lights before, maybe not by passing the cars waiting for the light to turn, but it does  happen. As I am watching the car zoom past me, the car then proceeded to drive right up onto the right handside walkway, again luckily nobody was on the side walk, at that point I knew something was wrong, either a drunk driver or some medical condition. In the meantime the light changes to green, the car on the sidewalk seemed to have come to a stop but then all of a sudden seemed to have realized that they were on the sidewalk and swerved back onto the road, at that point I was calling the police. But instead of staying in their lane the car proceeded to drive into the oncoming traffic lane and thank God again there was no immediate oncoming traffic. The car then proceeded to drive were wonky from one lane into the other, at this point I was right beside the car and it looked like the drive was unconscious leaning back into the seat. I past the car quickly to not be hit  by it and pulled over at the corner to call 911 again. As I am passing the car, the car had hit a parked car in the oncoming traffic lane and then drove over the grass strip before hitting a construction sign and coming to a stop. In the meantime people were on the phone running to the car, there were some ladies on a front porch enjoying a cup of tea and they  had called 911 as well. When we got to the car it seemed that the driver was in full seizure, but not conscious at all, we checked for pulse, which she had and any medical bracelets or necklaces but couldn't find anything. The police and ambulance were there in a flash and she was taken care of. Not much on First Aid that you can do to someone having a seizure just making sure that they don't hurt themselves and have room to breath. We all had to fill out police reports as to what we witnessed and by the time the driver was loaded up into the ambulance, she was conscious again and looked very confused. What a scary thing. Somehow it had a good ending but would have been just one car coming out of the intersection or one pedestrian on that sidewalk it would have been a different story. Go thank your lucky stars for that.
I was definitely shaken up after this and it took me a few minutes to calm myself down and continue with my travels up the farm. Being greeted by Bancy, the Cairn terrier of the new boss,  in the parking lot was a great plus at that moment. This sure was more excitement than I care to handle on a morning drive, but you just never know.

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Anonymous said...

You don't need a morning coffee to get your adrenaline going! Thankfully she got he medical attention she needed and hopefully for the safety of the rest of us she won't be driving again any time soon.