Thursday, August 09, 2012

Friends visiting with friends

Yesterday I had a nice visit with some of my FB friends at the Donkey Sanctuary. I am always happy to see them and we have a lot of fun chatting partially in German partially in English. It\s a little bit of a road trip for them to come down but they will make it about once a year since their first visited  here when they totally fell in love with Donkeschoen. But since Donkeschoen is not flying solo anymore, Earl had to get into the picture. :)
Group hug with Donkeschoen,  Ursula and Earl Grey

Yesterday the three of us who will be traveling to California in 25 days finally had a chance too to talk about our trip and where we will be all goiing and what we will see, of course the main focus is the Wild Burro Rescue in Olancha where we will spend most of our time, however there is a night in Las Vegas planned, from where we actually start our road trip, we will also visit the Coast line of California and make a stop in Oatman City on the way back to Vegas, from where we then fly back to Buffalo and travel home.We decided on the things we need to take to survive our little outdoor adventure and I am thinking batteries and memory cards are the most important items on my list. :). We have also decided to just throw our donkey clothing in one joint duffle bag as to not make us smell like donkeys for the rest of the trip. Not that there is anything wrong with that smell, at least not in our world. :)


Anonymous said...

Your roadtrip sounds like a blast! Next to horse smell, donkey smell is pretty great(unless they've rolled in the manure pile!!)

Nurdan said...

What a lovely "Group Hug" picture!


S. J. Qualls said...

It sounds like you are in for a great trip!

Good idea about the donkey clothes bag.