Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gotta love my donkey friends....

.....two and four legged ones. Only in a place of love can you  feel not judged and ridiculed and poked fun of, even though they do it all the time. Gladly I can laugh at myself, and I know my shortcoming and if my two legged donkey friends makes fun to them I can laugh with them instead of feeling insulted and hurt.There is just a certain kind of love and mutual respect between us and we have always a great time, no matter how hard we work, how tired we are, there is always joking and laughter when we are together. This week we will add a few new members of the two legged kind into our mix, there are some awesome ladies amongst them. And even our four legged friends join in the fun and make our time together even more is Nugget enjoying a delightful ear scratching.
We welcomed two new four legged friends into our circle , a yearling and his older brother of 2 years of age. They will spent some time in quarantine, need to be gelded and then the work on their feet can begin. It's sad to see how at this young age their hooves are already bad, again all of lack of knowledge. I am not sure how people choose animals and not learn ahead of time what they need. These two came from a farm with six intact males and a couple of jennets, so baby after baby it was finally getting to much for the owner and the farm is being sold. And who is left behind to suffer.....the animals. I just don't get it. Do you do that with your family members too?
Sunday was an extremely hot day here and being out in the heat since 8 am already we were all about ready to pack it in by 2 pm.Shortly before closing time a thunderstorm moved in and just rattled the sky, and we a torrential downpour. The earth being so dry and hard for weeks had no chance of sucking this amount of water up and it looked for any way to run of. Some of  us were taking shelter with the donkeys in the barn when all of a sudden it sounded like Niagara Falls and in seconds we stood to our ankles in water. On one of the walls in the barn, the water was just pouring in like crazy. Good volunteers are we are, and to keep the donkeys dry and safe, we grabbed brooms and shovels and started to direct the water out the front gate, but it came in as fast as we got it out, after 45 minutes the rain finally stopped and we had a chance of getting the water out of the barn The donkeys had all moved to the far side to keep dry and were watching us working away. This is always my favourite part of being at the DSC, we work and the animals watch, not the way it is in many other places. These pour creatures have been the beast of burden for too long, so now it's time for them to be on the other side. 
Some of us cleaned the mess in the barn while others tried to fix the source of the leak on the outside of the barn. So hopefully it will hold up for the next flash flood.
As fast as the storm had moved in it moved out and the sky was bright and sunny again. Soaking wet and tired we all gathered around memorial hill to remember some of our four legged friends that we had lost since January and we finally all had a chance to gather to spread their ashes. It was very sad, as we  lost some very dear souls, especially our sweet Gordon, who died so tragically. But it was a nice little ceremony with people who all cared and loved them.

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Inger said...

It feels so good to read about your work with the donkeys. There are just a few donkeys left here and I'm sure they will be gone soon as well.
I wanted to ask you if you have heard anything else about uniting against donkey roping. I have my cute donkey foal pictures and story sitting in draft format. If nothing else is planned, I may rewrite it a bit and then post it. The foals are sooo adorable.