Sunday, June 24, 2012

Well besides....

Considering almost two weeks ago I had never even heard of Donkey Roping, it sure has kind of taken over my life since I found out about it, well not just kind of...but it that the Donkey Roping event has been cancelled, it has calmed down a little, but there are still emails to send people  as the battle to save these donkeys and any other donkey for that matter that is exposed to this kind of treatment is far from over.
While dedicating my time to this cause, I had a lot of other things going on and I must say I kind of mastered them all, but I am really exhausted, physically and mentally. Being so out of my comfort zone sure takes a lot out of me. Doesn't help much that I haven't had a complete day off for what seems like an eternity ago, and I certainly miss making time for my friends and visit or go for coffee, but I managed to do that twice last week....yoo hoo! And it was great. If things would be the way they were, Summer would usually be my quiet time and I would get a chance to hang out much more with the donkeys, but it won't be the case this year, as I am working on so many different things that all have a deadline....ha ha deadlines...never had those before....or at least not of that importance. But it's all good and it sure is a great confidence booster if you get to do all these things, so I am loving it. And wouldn't you know it the next volunteer orientation is already in a few weeks so lots of stuff to get ready for there, so lately my butt is pretty much glued to the computer chair.  It's Sunday today and I am taking a forced day off....arrghh...don't like missing Open Days at the DSC at all, but I guess my body today said enough is enough and I will be spending my day in bed......I hate being sick, it's such a waste of time.


Inger said...

I love all the work you do for the donkeys. I missed some of what went on last week because I was exhausted after running around a lot and didn't read many blogs. So I am ready to take up the fight now. I have written two posts. One I posted today, the next which is about the feelings of donkey foals, I think you will love it, I will post next Sunday. How much time do we have for this petition? I could do it earlier too, of course. But I thought once a week to really get to people without making them bored with donkeys. I downloaded a ton of pictures from my disks to this my new computer from when I worked at the rescue, so I am all set. I have donkey pictures now.

Tina said...

Hi Inger, I think the petition was changed now to working on Mr Jason Owen to surrender these donkeys or to give them a proper loving home they deserve. I also heard that a new petiton might start soon to change the law or make the law more applicable, since it really was an illegal activity but nobody enforces the law. I have been laying low the last two days with being sick so I am not quiet up to snuff right now....hoping to be back on it full force soon.