Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Please do something!

As of noon Monday June 18, 2012, it is my understanding that Jason Owens is refusing to cancel event due to loss of thousands of dollars.
I have called the Chamber-no answer and vm is full, Larry Simpson of the Van Horn Advocate-no answer.
There is City Council Meeting on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month, today June 19th is the 3rd. Are there any of you close enough to attend?
I have new email addresses for all of you. They include the Mayor and other Van Horn city officials. I emailed the Mayor myself and asked him if he would like his town known for torture and cruelty to animals or something more positive like the stopping of this event and to begin promoting what donkeys have done over the century to help establish western Texas. I am adding them as targets on the petition but since they will only get future signatures I am downloading all the previous signatures to a file and emailing it to all of them.
Someone suggested getting an injunction against Jason Owens and the event. This needs to be done in person (I have been told) in the County seat. If you know of any one willing to do this please contact me. I have also contact an Animal Rights Attorney in Texas but have not heard back. There is a law 42.09 pertaining to the cruelty of livestock animals, this is not being enforced.
Here are the new email addresses:
Okey D. Lucas
Mayor Pro Tem
Gilda Morales
Mingo Corralez
Nuny Morriss
Pam Young
City Administrator
Fran Malafronte

"Donkey Roping is an extremely cruel “sport” where the donkey is shocked with a cattle prod until he tries to run away. Once in motion two people on horseback run the donkey down, one throwing a rope around its neck, the other around its rear legs. Once roped the donkey is then stretched between the two horses. Broken bones and death are all too common during these events, let alone what this abuse does to the mental state of the donkeys.

 Stop the cruelty.

The Peace Valley Donkey Rescue has offered and is able to take all the roping donkeys of the Van Horn event in.

Please do the right thing, Van Horn, Texas. Please cancel the donkey roping competition scheduled for this Saturday, June 23 at Van Horn Frontier Days."


Nurdan said...

It would be more helpful if you post a template letter for e-mailing. Your followers including me can make copy-paste and send all related people in order to get a positive result!

What do you think about that?

Linda Wildenstein said...

Hi Tina: Like you I have done all the same things with many of the same results. But I did write an article to CNN and here's the link.
Folks can go and say they would like for this to be covered on air and that might help. Also if you type businesses in Van Horn in your browser, there are lots of telephone numbers for churches, restaurants etc for folks to call and voice a concern about the event. We need to let the real people of Van Horn know how ugly this makes their town look to the rest of the world. It may help but remember to be civil, like Justina says. Thanks for being on the front lines on this one. Oma Linda

Tina said...

Great idea Linda, I haven't stopped crying since I read about it a few days ago.

Nurdan said...

I've announced your requests also to my followers. They are not to many but I think, there shall be some other helps too.

Thanks for the template. I've started to sent e-mails to concerned people!

Tina said...

Thanks so much Nurdan, any bit of help is appreciated and needed.

Linda Wildenstein said...

Tina, I don't know if you have gotten the word but the Donkey Roping has been stopped by the Sheriff of Culberston County Texas. This is a yipee moment for this battle...but the war wages on, I fear. But let's celebrate today. Oma Linda

Tina said...

Hi Linda, yes a small or big ( momentary) victory. I just worry about these amazing animals now that they are even more worthless to them as they were before, what's gonna happen to them next? I hope they will relinquish them to the PVDR Texas, who I gladly will support at this point as I have supported the PVDR in California in the past. :) Good job everybody.

Cat said...

I hope that something good can come out of this, with out going into detail, I am dealing with some animal problems up here, and one is a donkey. I really can't fathom people considering animals expendable...