Tuesday, June 19, 2012

And we did!

As of this afternoon the Donkey Roping event in Van Horn Texas slated for this weekend, June 23, has officially been cancelled due to public input and the number of complaints they had. Thank God for the power of Facebook, the Internet in general and the caring people in this world. Not all is lost. The petition is still going and since my last check last night around ten when I went to bed, the signatures have almost jumped to 3000 more. Amazing and so so helpful. The organizer of this petition made a great point the other day, if everybody who signed the petition could just donate $10 to the cause now of getting them to the PVDR, that would mean 70000 dollars raised, can you imagine?
So hopefully the supplier of these donkeys to this horrible event will show heart and surrender them to the PVDR in Texas. I am worried about what will happen to them now that they are even more worthless to him than they were before. God please knock some sense into this man and the whole organization who promoted this event.
As for now I am breathing a sigh of relief that we have bought at least some time to save these donkeys.....small victory in a bigger battle of trying to educate people of the value of donkeys and any living being for that matter.
Well done Diane and everybody who so tireless sent emails, posted and re posted it on Facebook and blogs. Bravo to all and Thank you.
Donkey hugs to all.

If you would like to is the our signatures every penny counts and helps....

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Tammy Bergeron said...

yeah whoohoo happy dance!!