Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jacques- dormez vous?

At peace he is sleeping now.
Last week our miracle donkey lost his battle with lymphoma. A little over two years ago Jacques was diagnosed with Lymphoma and after looking very sick and frail at one point, he reacted positive to his cancer treatment and within weeks he looked like himself again, we couldn't believe the change in him, he looked not sick at all. But over the last few days it has become apparent that he was getting uncomfortable and no longer responsive to his medication. His coat lost it's luster and he started showing sores on his body again that just wouldn't heal. So it was time for us to say good bye to yet another donkey friend, who was living on borrowed time for the last two years.
I am glad we had the last years with him, he was hope for so many cancer patients that come to the DSC and they felt a kinship with him as having the same health issues. When I was notified of Jacques death a certain visitor came right to my mind as she herself is battling cancer and loved and sponsored Jacques since she met him. It was a hard email to write but I felt I owed it to her, as we keep in contact a lot and I didn't want her to just read it somewhere. Rest in peace Jacques.
All brown donkey Jacques

Jacques was not the only animal living with cancer at the DSC. Our mule Danny Boy has skin cancer that not only has affected his outer appearance but he has also some tumours inside. So far so good, but he had a recent health scare which made it just more obvious to us, that his time is not too far off. 


Inger said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Tina. I know how much you love your donkey friends and it is so difficult to lose them. But he had a good life at your rescue.
I didn't know for sure that the rescue here is closing, but heard that the manager is moving to TX and also know that many donkeys have been moved. So that's great for them to have it all in one place. You are right though, there may be no more donkeys left here come September.

Nurdan said...

Deeply sorry for your lost!

Jacques has gone to a more peaceful and better place than our world.
RIP Jacques

Tina said...

Well I got an email from Mark say that we talk about our visit once September comes and that's when he mentioned that they are trying to move the operation all down to Texas. Would be a shame, but I understand and I think it makes sense for them, would have been just a nice side trip to visit and possibly meet you. :)

Tina said...

Thanks Nurdan, he sure has and that makes it a little bit easier. Jacques was a funny donkey, he had a mind of his own and there was nothing ever stopping him, no donkey manners, no gentleness, he was like a bulldozer on four legs. He hated closed gates and didn't like to be locked up,even just for the duration of a quick meal, as soon as he was done he bolted out if you weren't fast enough to open the gate, be broke many latches that way. He wasn't much of a cuddler either, he just had everything his way otherwise he didn't want any part of it. He certainly was a character and I will miss his "force".