Sunday, April 15, 2012

You might.... a lot of asses at the DSC, but they won't be of the human kind ( I am glad I came up with this way later and didn't blurt it out at the fitting moment.) It would have been the perfect answer to one of the new volunteer's question at the Orientation yesterday, but thank God I kept my  sometimes very obvious man dislike in check yesterday. And actually the few men we do have at the DSC, they are absolutely amazing  people, but I think that has more to do with what kind of people work in such environments than to do with the fact that they are male. Animal loving people are a different kind of breed of people, that's for sure. When you can show compassion to an animal than you usually are also compassionate towards some of your fellow humans. Animals don't ask anytHing of you, but they rely on you, nor can you ask anything of them, it all comes from within you and what you are willing to give and by giving so freely you get back so much more. So I can probably count the men amongst all my volunteers on the fingers of my two hands. Yesterdays ratio was not any different than any other time....15 women to 3 if you are a guy and want to meet women, we are the place to be. One of the ladies suggested I should start recruiting in Alaska to even out the playing field.

Just to add: I don't hate men lol and I take being called an ass actually as a compliment, because asses are very smart animals. Just to clarify that!!!

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Anonymous said...

So true! I've always had a strong feminist side, in some ways. If my house is on fire though, I still want the big burly, hunky fireman to save me! I wish I knew what I do now in highschool and college, might have been nice to make a few of the jerks I dealt with learn a lesson or two!!

I read a quote once that said something like...."people who turn to animals do so because humans have let them down",not sure who said it, but if someone's not an animal person, than they're no friend of mine! Great post!