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One of my all time favourite places to visit is  MONTMATRE in Paris, France.  Montmartre is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Paris.It is a hill that reaches a height of about 130 meters (427 feet), long stairs lead up to the Montmantre. Montmartre has long been known as the premier artist's area in the city.Montmartre's most recognizable landmark is the Basilica du Sacre Coeur. The white dome of this Roman Catholic basilica sits at the highest point in the city, at the summit of the hill. It's a very impressive construction and I was always facinated by it's not so "typical" church look.  

What makes Montmatre so interesting too, is the array of artists that gather in a square not too far from the Church, the Place du Tertre. It is here that today's artists set up their easels and tempt passers-by with their works of art. being there is a throw back to the days when the world's best artists live in Montmatre and did the same, eventually forging a name for themselves in the world of art. Many will ask if they can paint your portrait, which - of course - would be a lovely souvenir of Paris. On my last trip to Paris with some friends just before moving to Canada, my room mate actually gave me that for a going away present, I still have the painting.


Kathy said...

Hi Tina,
Great blog. I love your Paris and Montmatre story. It's a beautiful spot shining at the top of the city.
I'm inspired by your life lessons.
Looks like you're having fun with the Challenge.
I'm a new follower.
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Kathy said...

Love your blog. That Montmatre is beautiful...shining on the top of Paris. Must be a welcoming spot to hang out.
I'm inspired by your Life Lessons and I love all the donkeys.
I'm a new follower.
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KC Weldon said...

I loved Montmartre! Did you ever see the statue of the man going through the wall?

Inger said...

I should have visited too before I left Sweden. One of the few things I regret not having done. That and Tuscany. Thanks for this, it must have been a wonderful time for you.

Christine said...

Beautiful! Sounds like a place I'd love to visit. Hopefully one of these years, I'll get over there.

I'm A-Z blog hopping. Nice to meet you!

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BlueShell said...

Thank you for visiting: I'm late answer my visitor; sorry!
If you ever come to Portugal there are places also beautiful.
I Like your entry: it says lot: thank you!
Big hug