Tuesday, April 24, 2012


no, not the Unidentified Flying Objects, but my box full of Un-finished Objects. I have a whole box full of unfinished Cross Stitch pictures that I have started and that haven't seen the light of day in years. Will they ever be finished? Probably not. Do I like them? Well some of them I still do, and by looking at others I wonder what was I thinking...funny how your likes and tastes change over the years. Some of them only have a few stitches in, some are half done and then others well let's not even go there. What turns an WIP ( work in progress) into a UFO? Sometimes I lost interest in the picture, I didn't like how it turned out, I made to many mistakes in it and don't want to frog it. So how many UFOs are in your closet, box or red bag? And why are they there?


Denise said...

I have less than 10 UFOs. I try to finish all that I start. Two of those are just delayed WIP - other things have gotten in front of them but I still want to finish these bad boys.

Tina said...

Good for you, guess that's the difference between a real stitcher and a whenever stitcher lol.My UFOs probably end back in the bottom of my box, there might be two I will still finish... Right now I am struggling not turning my green donkey from a WIP to a UFO.

Cat said...

Uh. I haven't counted, but I have a UFO shelf. It's full. That should tell you a lot, right there. I actually, since the Great Clean Up of 2012 in my craft room, have been going through the UFO's, seeing which ones I want to finish, and frogging the rest. Slow, but I can see a little shelf space, now!