Monday, April 23, 2012



As excited most women are to find out that they are having a baby, it comes with a little bit of fear and anxiety. especially if it's your first, of not knowing what to expect, how good of a parent you will be and all kinds of other questions that float around in your head. So to hear the news you are expecting twins, when you not really sure how to handle one baby, can be a real shocker. I know it was for me. I found out fairly early in my pregnancy that I had two babies inside me and had lots of time to get used to the thought. And of to the library we went to find anything about having twins. With having twins there are a lot of things to be considered, from naming them, how to clothes them, how to treat them to make sure they are individuals and not always clumped together as the Twins and most of all how do you afford everything twice, how will that effect your relationship with your spouse etc.  You hear so  many things from so  many people that it was at times overwhelming just to process all this info and sort out what might work for you. The only big excitement during the pregnancy was the Ambulance ride from one hospital to a more equipped hospital for premature babies. The boys were born 6 1/2 week premature, 9 minutes apart at a fairly good weight for being preemies.They spent a 1 1/2 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and where then later transported back to the first hospital to get healthy and stronger before they were released to go home. I think the hardest part was leaving them in the hospital while you had to go home. I must however say that at that time the hospital staff was incredible and it made it easier to leave them in such capable and loving hands without you being there, and even though one could have gone home earlier than the other, the arrangement was made to keep them together which of course made it easier on us too, because we didn't have to worry about what to do with one while we visited the other. The boys, and yes they are still called the boys, are fraternal twins, however the look very much alike and for the untrained eye it was hard to tell them apart in the beginning, or if you would only see one it was hard to figure out which one it was. Over the years they have grown into their own style and are personality wise very different, one can is just like his father, while the other one is just like me, with all the good and bad traits. Maybe it has something to do with one being a total mama's boy while the other one was more independent and self reliant, but complaint a lot. I said...just like  his father).It was definitely fun raising the boys and when I look back I sometimes wonder how I did it, because really we had no help at all with them. So I am mighty proud of having raised two wonderful  loving and caring young men that never really caused any trouble or big concerns and yes even that school thing is finally under control and both of them attending college and are actually doing great with it. I said finally because it took a few tries and school wasn't really their strong point, but it has now clicked and they realize what they need to do. So I couldn't be happier about that.

Two months old

Ten months old...first trip to Germany

3 years old

Today Twin A

Today Twin B ( and a stupid look lol)


Tonja said...

I had a co-worker that had two sets of twins. Yikes.

Melodie said...

I can only imaging how fun it must have been to have twins! I always wanted twins.

Inger said...

That's awesome! Somehow with all the donkeys, I didn't realize that you had twins.