Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"P" and Hodgepodge Wednesday Vol 74

There are work projects, house renovation projects, garden projects, craft and fun projects and the list goes on and on. Seems like there is always something that needs to get done or that one wants to do, somehow however there is never enough time to get it all done. Some projects you can't ignore and they need your immediate attention, some will be put of to tomorrow or next week or next month or even next year, sometimes until they turn into "can't ignore anymore" projects. I am working on two projects for the DSC right now, which fall under the category of fun work projects and then I have multiple stitching projects on the go and omg I so wish I would finish one of the bigger projects soon, but somehow I really don't see that happening until summer is here and I hopefully will  catch a case of OOTDS.
I did finish a teeny weeny project the other day.....and I was so happy.....:) My first finish of 2012. LMAO.


1. Spring is in the air ( at least in my neck of the woods) and the birds are singing...what's your favourite bird?
My favourite bird is the Robin, seeing a Robin is always a sure sign that Spring can't be that far off and that makes me always feel better, I love Spring and Summer. 

2. Speaking of you tweet? If so tell us your screen name and we'll come flocking to your twitter site. Even if you don't, let's all pretend here that we do - in 140 characters or less, sum up your week so far.
I don't twitter and I don't intend on starting any time soon, my life is not that exciting that I need to update every second on what I am doing....but here is my week so far.... Crazy Busy!

3. It's been reported recently that employers are not only viewing the Facebook pages of potential hires, but they are also requesting your Facebook password to have a look at what you've kept from public view! What say you?
Big brother is watching you! I am very careful what I post on Facebook, but then on the other hand I do like to share my opinion on things and if someone doesn't like it, too bad.

4. It's April and you know what that means- Major League Baseball is back in action. What's your favourite baseball movie? If that's too hard, what's your favourite sports themed movie?
My favourite movie is "The Bad News Bears" however I only liked it because growing up it was my favourite weekly TV series, you know the one with Corey Feldman as Regi, and Nina from the Young and Restless as Amanda and Christoph St. John  as Ahmad. I had such a crush on Regi and Rudi.

5. Something else this season brings- asparagus. Yes please or no thanks. If it's  yes please what's your favourite way to have it prepared? 
Yes please, I usually microwave it and then have  it topped with a little bit of browned butter  mixed with breadcrumbs.

6. What drives you? ( Don't you love how I sandwiched that one in between asparagus and jugglers???)
Being helpful to others, making other's life a little better than it was maybe earlier that day. Having small successes also drives me for being even better the next time.

7. April 18th is International Jugglers Day...can you juggle?
Didn't even know that there was such a day. I can juggle life, my jobs, my friends, my hobbies...but I can't juggle balls or pins or whatever those bottle like things are called!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Wonder why some people try to pass their judgements of others on to you? It's like a head's up or warning they give you, like you can't form your own opinion of people, and why do you have to have an opinion of people anyway? Why can't you just take them for who and what they are.... maybe this shows your own short comings? 


April said...

I remember "The Bad News Bears"! I watched it all the time...many moons ago!

kmckendry said...

I love seeing bluebirds out my window.

Joyce said...

You're younger than me : ) I loved the movie Bad News Bears but never saw the show.

Have a great day!

My Kid's Mom said...

I remember The Bad News Bears!

Tracy said...

I loved the Bad News Bears and speaking of injecting your opinion, I do it becuase I figure if on facebook or anywhere else I happent to be and someone asks? Well they opened that can of worms themselves :) besides, I'm typically gentle in my approach!

Janyce said...

I'm happy when the robins arrive. We have a lot around here and I love it when they sing me awake. :)

PS - The donkey cross stitch in you A-Z post is so cute. :)