Tuesday, April 17, 2012



As long as I can remember I loved outings, as a child we took regular outings on Sunday afternoon, whether it was visiting my grandparents, going for hikes in the woods, taking day trips to the nearby Bavarian Forest or going on boat rides on the Danube. We were always doing something. As I got older I never lost my interest in sightseeing and going on outings. When we went on vacation to the beach in Italy I always enjoyed our day trips to nearby places like Venice, Ravenna and San Marino. When I worked at the hotel in Mittenwald, I took every chance I had to go visit nearby spots of interest, went hiking or biking around the lake in the mountain, went on the mountains or visited castles nearby. To this day I still just jump in the car at times and explore my surroundings, never a specific goal in mind, just seeing where the roads will take me.


Tammy said...

What lovely memories you have of your outings! Makes me want to start a new tradition of exploring my surroundings!

Sunshine for your Soul said...

I love outings as well. Somedays I "plan" to stay in and rest, but I never can. I am always thinking up last minute outing with my family. Hikes, bike rides, road trips... Nice :)

Tracy said...

so fun...I remember going on outings with my grandparents that always ended at the ice cream store :)

Danielle L Zecher said...

Outings are so much fun, and it's always nice to explore new places. What a great O post.