Tuesday, April 03, 2012



or should that fall under "H" for Hoarding? lol
Collection: A gathering of objects, as work of art, literary materials etc; a quantity of anything collected together into a mass.

I have a few collections, some I absolutely love, some that are totally useless but I love them anyway.
I collect pins, bracelets, and of course I have a collection of donkeys and moose, in all shapes and sizes. I also have a nice collection of stash ( cross stitch patterns and kits), will I ever get to them...not bloody likely.

These are just a few of my favourite ones.
"C" also stands for my dearly beloved friend CATE, who is celebrating her birthday today.  Happy Birthday!


Melodie said...

Definitely not hoarding,for sure collecting! This is from the woman with a closet full of yarn that she could not ever possibly get all knitted,lol! Yep, Collecting!

Tracy said...

Tina, What a great great C word...I too have collections, don't we all? I collect precious moments figurines, unusual shells, sands from various beaches...that might be it! Fun post today!

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I try not to "collect" too much, but some things just like to hang around, ya know? Only real collection is a bunch of antique powder boxes. Nice to meet you on this A-Z challenge. Love your donkeys. Count me in as a new follower.

Tonja said...

I have collections of Greek Literature as well as myths from different cultures.

Cat said...

I love the Hissy Cat Pin!


Tina said...

With you all having these collections almost makes me want to admit all the other ones I still have lol...but only almost...

Jen said...

Hello Tina! Just stopping by, making some rounds for the challenge today. I collect the oddest things too and I dare say, most of my collections of the craft project variety will probably never get used! But the books! Ah, now there's a collection I can live with!

Enjoyed your post! Great "C" word!