Thursday, March 29, 2012

This and that on a Thursday morning!

*Nothing better when you can combine your day at the job with business and pleasure. I went to the DSC yesterday, it was a nice warm absolutely gorgeous day for a drive and when I got there, I spent probably about 30 minutes on the fence conversing with the donkeys. Some were just enjoying the sunshine, like my little Sam here....while Rosie is just lost in thought. Rosie looks pretty ratty these days due to the ill effects of a bad case of rain scald she suffered a few weeks ago.
It's nice on those days when you don't really have a set time to show up and just come and go as you please.After scratching some ears and butts I made my way to the office to have a meeting regarding my last, for me new, big project I am working on these days. After the completion of this it will mark a full circle of projects and meetings as my first year as Volunteer  coordinator is up. Boy, I sure went out of my comfort zone plenty of times during this time and guess what..... I am still alive and well. Well talk to me after May 5th again and because that big day still causes some slight anxiety right now. I had a great meeting and then, after having some dealings with the our IT guys, I was working away quietly and actually got a lot accomplished. My last task was to update the Grooming Log book and update a list in the tack room, so I had a chance to even walk down to the barn and spend some time with the donkeys down there, because you never just go to the tack room and do what you need to do. There are so many ears to scratch, so many noses to rub and so many sweet faces to cuddle and just stare and watch. I had a nice time with Summer, who is really causing us much worry, she has good days and she has bad days, but yesterday she seemed to have a good day as she remembered what being a lovely donkey girl is all about and she was her usual self...meaning to her...."I'm the centre of this universe". :) And that she should be at the respected age of 42.
By the time I was on my way back to the office it had become cloudy and the temperature had dropped drasticly, the wind was blowing like crazy and it was cold to stand there and watch, but nothing  keeps you warm inside like watching donkeys and mules. So I spent some time with the mules and then the Girls in the Garden Paddock.
Mini Mule Ginger on a mission
Jimmy, the Mule Boss
Pretty Girl JUNO
Tibet enjoying a roll in the straw, she looks like a big teddy bear with long ears.
So my time at the DSC was full of accomplishments and donkey love, can't get any better than this!

*Last night was also stitching night at the centre, and I can honestly say I actually stitched too and got quite a lot done. It helps to stitch only one colour at a time and since it's still all green it was an easy and mindless go for the stitched part. But that's ok, what done is done. :) The group was small again last night, but it sure didn't mean that it was quiet and the laughter was easily heard through the quiet building, and lots of topics were covered. What's fun about this group is that we are all connected through stitching but we are a very diverse group and every indiviual persues her own passions, so there are always many different topics to be covered and explored, we all take interest in what the others do and it's never onesided. I think that's what makes this group so much fun, and even if you are an odd ball out, like nobody in the group loves donkeys lol, you will always find someone who you have something in common with and it's not stitching.

*Still not feeling a 100%, mostly I am tired, as the pain in my leg has kept me awake most of the nights lately. Just need some good night sleeps to catch up on all these sleepless nights. Some mornings I can get barely out of bed and by lunchtime I am totally sapped of my energy....just want this to be over. ( Can you tell I make a horrible patient, I hate being unwell or sick, it's such a waste of time).
I am glad for all the things I have to do otherwise I would just totally veg out on the couch and sleep all day...but then maybe my body would need that right now.

*This weather is minute it's springlike warm and then it's freezing cold again. Today it's cool and cloudy.

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Sharon said...

Nice post. I remember when you first started helping at DSC, you have come a long way! The pictures of the animals are sweet, sounds like you had a really good day.

You are right, get a bunch of gals together for one thing but there is lots to talk about besides.

Can't drag out of bed... what does doc say? I had a bad potassium problem, it didn't take long and I could actually get up and feel human.