Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hodgepodge Wednesday, Vol 72

Unfortunately I missed last weeks Hodge Podge Wednesday due to being under the weather, but count me in again this week. Here are my answers to this week's questions.
1) What's the last job you did that required elbow grease? 
That's an easy one, wheeling wheel barrow after wheel barrow of donkey poop requires lots of elbow grease, especially getting up to the new barn, which is on a little bit of an incline, well it's not so little when you push a wheel barrow in front of you. 
2) March Madness, aka the men's division I basketball championship, is nearing an end. What sort of madness has your house seen this month?
I am glad we don't have this here, and I am glad there really isn't a  sports nut in our house. So things would be really calm around here.
3) What's your favourite shop for browsing? My favourite shop for browsing around here is a little candle shop called Serenity. Beside candles they sell all kind of seasonal knick knacks for house and garden. I could just spend hours in there looking at all the cute little things, all while sipping on a cup of their speciality coffees. it sure is a nice way to spend an afternoon and it always leave in a happy mood.
4) Is there ever a time when giving up makes sense? Well sometimes giving up is sure an easier way to deal with things. I think it depends on the situation too, if you know in your heart that you are fighting an loosing battle  and that you have exhausted all your options and there is really nothing left for you to say or do, then I would say it does make sense. 
5) What's a song you love that contains the name of a city , state or country in it's title? That would have to be NEW YORK CITY BOY from the Pet Shop Boys. I always loved the Pet Shop Boys and still listen to them frequently.
6) When did you first begin to use a computer? Well we learnt using a computer in school, probably grade 9 or 10, when there were still floppy disks. I used a computer on any job I had over the years, but really using it outside work was not until 1999. 
7) Did you buy girl scout cookies this year? What's your favourite? I haven't bought any girl guides cookies in years, but my favourites are definitely the mint chocolate cookies! Yummy!
8) Insert your own random thought here! Sometimes blogger sucks. Yesterday I had this great big entry and when it was posted half of it was missing, that had happened a few times before, and nothing made sense anymore! Today, everything posted in different fonts and colours.....arrrrghhh! I got it fixed, but not without using a few choice words. And why do they always try to fix things that aren't broken to begin with?


Mama Hen said...

I don't envy your elbow grease job. The little suckers are cute, though!

April said...

Hi Tina!
I think I can safely say that donkey poop and I would NOT get along!:) I'm a sucker for Thin Mints, too...right out of the freezer! Nothing better!

Sharon said...

Blogger gets a lot of my "choice words"...

EmptyNester said...

I am the big sports enthusiast in our house. Hubs is too but he wasn't for years. I corrupted him. LOL I loved Thin Mints too- especially right out of the freezer.