Friday, March 16, 2012

Our little wild child!

Our little Saucy Clare sure is a wild one. She is one of the few animals at the DSC that I have not even touched yet. She is getting fairly good with staff but from any other person she runs away. She is in the Garden Paddock with Juno, Tibet and Roberta. Even though there are constantly people in there to clean up, feed them, or give them water, she is a wild one when it comes to people approaching her or even just walking by her. Saucy is a little hinny, her father was a Shetland pony and her mother was a miniature donkey.  She has spunk and gets the group rallied up a lot of times, if you see them going wild in that paddock you can be sure that Saucy is the instigator of all the action. Due to Saucy chronic laminitis she has been kept away from the rich pastures of the DSC and kept away from her mule friends, however the mules live right next fence so they can see each other and touch noses on a daily basis. I remember when Saucy was kept away from everybody for a while, because she wasn't doing so well and how upset she was when she moved into the Garden Paddock and couldn't join her mule friends, it was pretty sad. But now she is content to nuzzle over the fence and is happy just knowing that her mule buddies are close by.
Saucy nuzzling with beautiful Hummer

Here is Saucy getting ready to get everybody going. First she runs along the outside of the Paddock like a little speed demon.... 
....then Saucy rallies up the donkeys. She really doesn't care about their ailments or age, she just wants them to get into the action.

Who? Me? Stirring up trouble? How would you ever come up with an idea like that?  I have the face of innocence!


Sharon said...

She sure is cute!

Inger said...

What an adorable critter. Thanks for stopping by my blog and cheering me up. This cheered me up too!

Wolfie said...

How absolutely GORGEOUS she is, Clare! I agree with you that Donkeys and Mules are amazing...any horses or ponies or mix in between are just fascinating:) Due to lack of money and space at the moment we only have a cat and a dog, and they do not get along at all...we had another cat but he died just before New Years. If I thought I could cope with seeing injured and suffering animals I would try to work for RSPCA or a similar organisation, but I think I will settle for caring for abandoned animals once we have the space for it. Hubby is a GP trainee, so I know that the income will be there in a few years time, and we can find a place with enough space to care for some animals...:)

Shari said...

how fun.....I would love to be out there enjoying the romp with them!