Monday, March 12, 2012

I think it's over....

Today was great, I had an early coffee with Cheryl and we talked a lot of Donkey business, it's nice to get advice and inputs from others how to handle things and I think I know what I need to do, will it be a popular stand, probably not, but then nothing is more important than those precious donkeys.
After lunch I was anxiously awaiting my appointment, the closer it got to the aloted time the more anxious I got, I knew this would happen and like I said I had an ulterior motive to going there, did I expected it turn into what it turned at all. All it was, was to be a favour for a person to put myself to the test, on how I would cope with it....needless to say anxiety won that round of battle, but I followed through with it and it turned out not  so bad after all. I think spending a lot of time with me over the last few days, was a calculated plan on her part and I figured it out just as fast as she figured out my ulterior motive. lol. I knew she had questions for me just as she knew that there were things I still needed to tell her. I found out things I had no clue about that they were going on, it was actually shocking, but then it made complete sense. We had an amazingly  open and honest conversation, not much was left unsaid and it felt great to get this all of my chest and let her know where I am coming from and where I stand now, but to also see her side and how it was for her. Wasn't the proudest moments in  my life to  reveal all this, but it sure was one of the best things I  have done for me. I got honest answers to questions I had  ever since it all came down, which made me feel good, I also got reassured that there is no chance that person being in charge of me ever again. She asked me some interesting questions, and it is nice to know that if there ever would be "conflict" that there are other places to go, but really oddly enough location isn' t the problem at all, it's all about the company one keeps in these places.  She also asked me a question that totally took me by surprise, made me smile  and well my answer was yes....:). It's like are always tested and judged on your responses, but some of the responses are no brainers  and require no further info or thought and that was just one of those questions. Having said all this and being flattered by it,  I however can not wonder about what their motives are for all this....but then on the other hand....that's not for me to worry about. If they have any that's on them and not on me...I just do what is required of me to the best of my abilities. I left her office feeling relieved and happy, so now on with the rest of my life. :). It's nice to know to have someone in my corner. ALWAYS!!!

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Onward and upward!