Saturday, December 03, 2011

My favourite time of the year!

The pre-Christmas time is my favourite time of the year, I am not big on Christmas shopping, except for a few very dear people in my life, and the most unexpected presents are the best, makes me happy when I can bring smiles and even tears to some eyes because they didn't know it was coming...he he. One of my favourite thing to do is browse Christmas craft shows, and so far the last three Saturdays have been spent with a dear friend doing exactly that and topping it all of with a nice hot cup of coffee. We have seen some great things, some very tacky things and things we really don't know what for lol and we have collected ideas and like always plans and good intentions are plenty of doing better next time in the craft department, but somehow it just never happens. I am still in the midst of finishing some crosstitch ornaments and my good intentions of having some extra ones made for the Donkey Sanctuary unfortunately hasn't happened this year, maybe next year or Donkey Day.
I did get a few little things for some special people today and that made me happy, looks like the time to enjoy this special time will be very limited and mostly just be held to Dinner outings with friends and co workers.
And then there are the Sanctuary Open Days starting tomorrow. Tomorrow will be actually a Donkey filled day for me....volunteering in the very early AM, working in the boutique and then volunteering til the end of Open Day and after that a four hour long outing with some donkeys and another volunteer. That should be interesting, being the next best thing after his wife (as per request by him lol)....and I am not quite sure why that choice was made...but oh well....we will see how it goes. It certainly will be a 12 hour donkey love day. Can't wait...hope the weather is somewhat decent.
One more week with preschool programs and then my first session at the new place is coming to an end and hopefully we will continue with enough registrations well into the new year. Also there is the possibility of a more stable part time position at my favourite place  in the New Year.

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