Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Stitchy Wednesday!

Ok, so I have to admit that I am not a very dedicated stitcher and I am really not sure why I am on the blog roll of " stitching blogs ", since if you are an avid stitcher, and by chance end up on my blog you are probably wondering the same. :0 But since it's Wednesday Stitchnight today I will conform to the theme of Stitching. Remember in early October I won the blogger giveaway on Pumpkin's  blog and I have spent my gift card to my liking, this is all the stash that arrived in the mail last week. I am so happy and excited about my choices, and again they so typically reflect me. :)
And to stay on the topic of stitching I have actually used the very few hours I have to stitch an afternoon away and I restarted my butterfly for the butterfly project, I hope to get  it finished by the end of the month, so I can finally mail it out. That will be then one of my projects of the to do list gone.....I would really like to make a few donkey ornaments for the Long Ears Boutique and have them ready for our Open Days in December....ha ha ha you honestly thought I would make an entry and not talk about donkeys?


Sharon said...

That butterfly is going to be gorgeous!

You certainly got a lovely assortment of cross stitch stuff, must have felt like Christmas when the package came!

Have fun with the donkeys too! ;-)

Shari said...

wow, everything you got is great.......I think it is ALL stuff I would stitch as well....too bad we don't live close...we could have a stitch along!!!!!

Tina said...

Ha ha Shari...stitch would be long done before I even get started lol
@ Sharon...yes it waas like Christmas in October :)

Kerry said...

Of course we missed you I was so tired when I got home I wasn't thinking straight. We always miss you when you are not there. Haven't you noticed you always get a special hug from me???
Talk to you soon, I am off to London this am to see my mother in law and Steve.

Louise said...

Stitchers like you turn out such beautiful things. I do enjoy looking at all of the lovely creations.