Monday, September 05, 2011

What's all the comotion about?

After having four days construction at the DSC behind us, peace and quite had once again returned to the Open Day Sunday, or had it? It was a very quiet and slow start to the day, we had lots of time to spend time with the donkeys only. I spent a lot of quality time with my Buffy girl, and she definitely appreciated the one on one as she continued to follow me pretty much all day. Visitors started to flow in around noon and it was still a quiet day. Due to the construction of the new donkey house things are a little bit messed up,e.g. the main herd is in with the Weight management group, the garden paddock gang was in their usual spots, Da Vinci in his spot on the outside of the gates looking into the Garden Paddock trying to get in there, he likes the girls in there. The minis live in the mule paddock these days and the mules are out in their big paddock by the pond. As per Openday we brought the minis out for the visitors and the usual barnyard gang was out to mingle too. There was a little bit of a comotion at one point as Sam was trying to get over the fence to get to the main herd to get to a donkey girl in heat in there. His Luna needs to keep a better eye on him, as he is always galavanting and looking for more girls to bother, even though he has the prettiest girl of them all. So Sam and his Luna, because she is a very loyal friend,  were put back into the mule paddock to get calm back into the barnyard. We were in the barnyard when all of a sudden the braying began, it was loud, it was like I have never heard it before, of course I went out to see what was going on and saw in horror that Chaplin was trying to defend the honor of his girls Sunshine and Daisy as Sunshine was in heat and the boys were after her, Daisy and Chaplin trying to fight them of, of course Sunshine making her urges quite apparent to the donkey boys, omg, Chaplin was fighting everybody that came to close to her and seems like everybody was getting into the action, It took a while to sort things out athe then the donkey girls were removed from the main herd for the time being. Funny some donkey boys are all up there and want to get into the action and then others can't be bothered and just watch from afar and in wonder what the big deal is, like Cocoa and Panne. The most priceless moment however came in the form of our sickest donkey, he is just too smart for all of them. So Daisy and Sunshine were moved into the garden paddock, not that there aren't any boys in there, but  there are only three and they are older and sick,  well obviously not sick enough to not have the urge to mount a pretty donkey girl. Jacques, who suffers from cancer took the opportunity to make the process of mounting about something totally different, as he was standing on his hind legs, front legs on Sunshine's back, he suddenly realized what was more and he realized standing up like that with support of Sunshine, he is now tall enough to grab the branches of the pin trees. What a  yummy treat! And he forgot all about the original purpose of  being on Sunshine's back.....What can I say....MEN!


Joan said...

I had quite a laugh envisioning the episodes! Can't imagine trying to break up the confusion, at least two of the big ones didn't cause problems.

Tina said...

Cocoa is not interested in those kind of behavior. He is such a gentleman!