Friday, September 09, 2011

What else is new?

* The decision was  made before  I gave an official answer and my  answer to myself was...."I don't want to work for you", plain and simple, of course in my official answer was way more diplomatic and I I think very nice but to the point. I guess this is were the passive aggression comes out lol.  So that is over and done with and from the looks of it, I won't be unemployed too long plus I have taken on more jobs at the DSC. I guess your job, too, should be where your heart is.
* Pookie has been moved into residence at her college of choice and seems so far to be having a good time and enjoying it. Funny how different girls are from boys. Talking about the boys....reading their Facebook comments they sure miss their little sister and are there for her when she needs them lol. Too cute, because I know how much they do annoy her at times.
* Construction at the DSC for the new Donkey House are in full swing and the once quiet place is full of noise from diggers, and trucks. Oh those poor donkey ears. But it seems to be going along nicely and so far weather has cooperated too. But what a change in scenery the excavation has brought on. Donkeschoen lost her favourite spot...her hill....due to leveling out the ground. The Minis will have a flood free paddock and the roads will be strong and sturdy. Amazing the stuff they found under the top soil....gravel
Well construction is always full of surprises, sometimes good oneS like all this gravel and sometimes not so good things, so we will see....trenching should be happening later this month and that will bring a little bit more chaos to the DSC as it will go through paddocks and lane ways. Oh the wonderful world of changes.
* I have taken on more jobs at the DSC and wow this in so far is a little bit nerve wrecking, but I am sure once I have done a few I will be fine, it sure is a lot to learn again, but it's a fun job. Plus another big volunteer job that will keep me on my toes, especially for the Christmas season....woo hoo....I am now the official keeper of the mail order store at the DSC.
* Today I am having an appointment, I am a little nervous about it, but also excited, can't wait to find out how it will turn out and maybe I will show it off too!
* Tomorrow I am going on another donkey fieldtrip with Poppy and Pansy. We are taking them to the Aberfoyle Fall Fair, it looks like a nice day and I am looking forward, it will be long but surely lots of fun too. At the DSC by 8 am, I am tired just thinking about it. lol.


Sharon said...

It does sound like you are happy with your decision about where to work!

Does the house feel a little empty now? Or maybe a lot?

Big things happening at DSC! Suppose it can make the donkeys a little apprehensive, with all the changes, but they will become accustomed to it soon enough!

Yippee, field trip! You like those, don't you? Have a great time!

Tina said...

Thanks Sharon, yes work turned out the way I had hoped so far. House is empty but not quiet, the boys make enough noise for ten. Definitely big changes at the farm that's for sure...hope the donkeys adapt. Looking forward to a great time with the two miniature donkeys at the fair.

Louise said...

If you're happy about what happened at work, then that's the right decision for you. Will you post pictures of the new donkey house when it is done?

Pumpkin said...

Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy! You should always enjoy the work you do although that's not the case a lot of the time. Do what's good for you :o)

I hope this appointment is a good thing!