Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh man! People still have a lot to learn!

On Saturday I had a chance to accompany two of our donkeys to the Fall Fair in the next little town. It sure was an eye opener regarding the lack of knowledge by people and the blatant disrespect of animals by people, mostly farmers. It sure is a shame and people should be ashamed of how they handle live stock. I guess the word live stock says it was appalling to watch. It's not like I didn't know that, because I do, but then actually seeing it, just makes it a real reality. Besides watching deplorable situation in which some animals were in, what was even more disturbing how many people choose to ignore that and just still ooo-ed and awww-ed  over the cute little piglets, whose mother was  in a cage just big enough for her to stand up and lay down, never having a chance to turn around or change into a different position, it took her forever to get into a sitting position, because she only had limited space to maneuver around. People just totally seem to overlook that at the sight of the cute piglets. Farmers just dropped of their little animals and left them there for the day.

What a difference our enclosure was.....Poppy and Pansy got around the clock attention, poop picked as soon as it dropped the ground, while other animals sat, laid and stood in their feces covered enclosures all day. Poppy and Pansy had lots of love from us the entire day and we took any precaution to eliminate stress from their day and we stood with them and informed people about donkeys and the need of donkeys. The hammer came, when a woman inquired from us where she could get a female donkey to guard her herd of sheep. She had one donkey, but the other donkey that was good with the herd had passed away. Well not an uncommon question, and at least knowing that she should have two donkeys, made her seem somewhat knowledgeable, but as she inquired more and more and told about her donkeys, it was apparent that any animal landing in her care sure is doomed for a short life. In conversation came out, that she first of all did not know that the donkey needs to bond with the herd, she thought just get a new donkey, and that donkey will know what to do with and for the sheep. Huh? Then she proceeded to tell us that her donkeys get their feet trimmed at least twice a year.WHAT? Are you kidding me? Holy crap! She reported no problems with the donkeys eating the same feed as the sheep and that her donkeys live really long.....12 to 15 years.....Yeah that's really long for a donkey...I guess it is for a third world donkey that gets worked to death and then condemned to starve somewhere on the side of the road. What the heck is wrong with people. Animals are not disposable items you get and not take care of properly. Do your research and do your homework before you get an animal. Arrrggghhhh!
Then on the brighter side was a young man who seemed to know an awful lot about animal care and donkeys but didn't know about us and as  he eagerly took pictures of Poppy and Pansy,  I encouraged him to come out to the DSC on an Open Day and take pictures of the other 59 donkeys we have right now. :) And he said he will. Some people get it, unfortunately most don't!

We have enslaved the rest of the animal creation, and have treated our distant cousins in fur and feathers so badly that beyond doubt, if they were able to formulate a religion, they would depict the Devil in human form.  ~William Ralph Inge, Outspoken Essays, 1922

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Sharon said...

My goodness, the conditions for the other animals there, sounds deplorable! I can't tolerate stupid people doing things like that. All you can do is give them as much information as possible, but yes, I agree - we would be depicted as the devil if the animals had a religion.

Sad that you had to see this and couldn't DO anything about it!