Monday, August 15, 2011

Up and away she goes!

Yesterday late afternoon we took my daughter to Toronto to the airport as she embarked on her first international travels on her very own. See, only a few weeks ago her uncle invited her to join him and his family on their vacation to Italy and she accepted and those two ( her and uncle) have been scheming ever since. lol. As excited she was to go to Germany and Italy, last evening at the airport reality set in, that she had to do it all and be all on her own once she got past customs, she really seemed scared and overwhelmed but she made out ok, found her way to the gate, her seat and then found Uncle, aunt and cousin at the airport in Munich with no problem, she sounded ok but tired this morning. I am sure once she is at Oma's place she will be fine and have a great time. I know they are all excited to see and have her over there. Her little cousin has all kinds of plans for her....some I think are hilarious and too cute....his main introduce his  "beautiful cousin from Canada" to all his little friends in the neighbourhood. Otherwise it will give Oma a well deserved break from his ever demanding sport involvement while he is at her place. Oma is getting really good and in shape with daily soccer and badminton training. lol Poor Oma.
Well I hope they all have a great time together and she will be back home in no time, just to leave a week later to be off to College.


Joan said...

Hope she has a great time!

Danni said...

Oh wow! I know she'll have an amazing time!
Hugs to you, though - as wonderful as this is for her, I know how hard it is to have her go (and be gone)... our babies are all grown up!

Louise said...

You must be very proud of her, and, at the same time, a little sad that she has become so grown-up so quickly.

Sharon said...

I'm sure she will do fine, that first time for anything is always a little scary! Well, this is what your trained her whole life for! Independence, Adventure and you a new set of ulcers!

Tina said...

Oh you guys are all so right lol...if she was scared, I was double scared for her, but didn't let it show. I hadn't slept for days before she left, but now that she is there I am fine, I know she is in good hands but I am a little worried how she will be. She should be very proud of herself and after all she decided to do so on her own, it will be good for her...thanks Sharon for the idea of a new ulcer lol...what's one more. My baby is growing hoo!