Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hmmmm not sure if that was a good idea!

Ever wonder why you are drawn to certain people or why certain people are drawn to you? Well I wonder that the same with the donkeys. I mean I really love every single one of them, you have dealings and handling with most of them at one time or another, there are the regulars and then there are the once you really only have sporadic contact with mostly by their choice, well and sometimes by our own choice, for safety reasons. However if you look at most of "my" donkeys I have been drawn to well not exactly the most easiest donkeys to get close to, e.g. Juno, because she was so severely abused or  Hershey, because his behaviour is so unacceptable, again because of his early years. The other day as I was wandering down the lane way and stopped at the fence of the office paddock a very unlikely visitor joined me, I was totally surprised because I have known Juanita for the longest time, never really had any dealings with her as she is one of the shyest creatures at the DSC, but there she came, straight for me and wanted to be petted. She is such a sweetie, I had tried many times to just pet her, but never gotten close to her, so this was extra special. We stood there quite a time and were joined by more people and more donkeys, including Donkeschoen. Well Donkeschoen for some reason doesn't like me, no matter what I do she just walks away and well it's frustrating but also it is what it is, so I will try to give her her space and let other people be close to her and I am glad there are some that have shown interest in and care for her, so she will be ok.
So on Sunday I made a very unlikely friend again, and I am not sure that was such a good idea. It's a donkey I have always liked but at the same time I am actually terrified of, especially when I am alone with her. It's a donkey one just really can't relax around and her aggressive behaviour most of the time towards people is very disturbing and at the same time heartbreaking. Not much is known about her background, which was to believed to have been not bad, but given her behaviour it just wasn't very donkey friendly, she doesn't know any boundaries and she treats people the way she treats donkeys, which causes same safety concerns. She can also switch from one minute to the next in her behaviour and I have seen first hand what she can do to people who are not even bothering with her. Sometimes it's brought on by her not getting attention, sometimes it's brought on by her getting attention and wanting more and sometimes it's brought on by nothing we as people understand. I have always felt sad for her, the same way I feel sad for Hershey. She is an absolute gorgeous donkey and I always hope that with the proper attention she will turn around, giving her attention however is like a double edged sword, you don't know how it goes. On Sunday however every time I was at the fence to the East side, Juliet hung around too and every time I called her she came over for a pet, a few times she put her head on my shoulder, or I cradled her head in my arms and scratched her ears and face, she was totally relaxed, absolutely sweet, but I kept a close eye on her at all times, she really seemed to enjoy the cuddles and snuggled right into me, my arm right in front of her mouth, she did however not once make even an attempt to put her mouth on me, which is really unusual because she is a nipper and that is usually her first instinct when she approaches you. I definitely felt comfortable doing that with her over the fence, being on the other side would be a totally different ball game, then I am in her territory and it could be totally different  and now I am worried that if I go over there and she is there what she will do. I most definitely don't want to her to get aggressive  with me when she doesn't get what she wants or not enough of what she wants. Usually when we are on the same side as her, we have kind of pretended not to see her and just go about our business and sometimes we abandon chores because she has been around and bothering us. I always try to keep the wheelbarrow or another donkey between me and her, but often she is the only one down in the barn and I realize a wheelbarrow will not be enough protection from her, when she gets in her moods. So I am little bit at a loss right now as to be around her, and maybe we will leave the giving of attention to her over the fence for a while and try to go about business as usual.We will see how it goes, but it looks like somehow I have fallen for another "problem" donkey again. Sigh!
( Can't I just pick one that loves to cuddles, loves his/her feet done, loves to be groomed and loved, taken for  walks etc????)


Sharon said...

I don't know, Tina, some of us, just have a habit of doing that... maybe it's the Mother in us, that wants to make them behave and become lovable.

Joan said...

Your last line made me think that it was a dog you were looking for! :)

Tina said...

Very funny to give them more exercise, we are taken the "fatties" for walks on the trails. Havent done it yet, but then i dont volunteer enough there...ha ha.

Joan said...

Sorry, couldn't resist... :)

I bet Cocoa would love to go for a walk... or rather take you for a walk!