Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lucky and Larry move on to greener pastures

literally that is.
One of our newest barn staff members has just purchased a farm up by Kingston, in an area where she grew up. Her family always raised sheep and so when she came to work at the DSC she was an absolute great asset to our four sheep and it was soon apparent that she had a soft spot for Larry. Well we all have a soft spot for Larry. Larry is literally beyond sheep life expectancy. He is an absolute sweetie, his "baa" is the loudest I have ever heard and he loves to snuggle and my favourite memory of him is when he puts his head sideways and just looks at you, comes up to you so you can rub his ear. Larry needs special care and lots of love and so it was just a logical thought to have the sheep move up to Kingston with her. They will have the best care and so much love and like she said, so much grass to munch on, no fighting with donkeys to find a spot around the feeder, they will just be happy sheep. Getting them on the trailer for transport was a little bit of a challenge, and I was thinking about poor Lucky as he had been down this road before and maybe it brought horrible memories back for him as he bulked and fought not to get on this trailer. See, Lucky fell years ago of a trailer on the highway going to a slaughterhouse in Toronto, somebody picked him up and brought him to the DSC and he has been there ever since. He is very shy and doesn't like too many people, so having a whole area just for himself without people, except people who love him, will be so good for him too.
So the move is bittersweet for most of us, because we all have come to love those two critters, but we also know that they will have the best life ever with her and can live out their lives happy and content.
Bon voyage Lucky and Larry!


Joan said...

I hope it works out for them. Sounds like a good match.

Tina said...

Yes it sure is. We got an email from her today telling us that both are munching away happily on the grass.