Saturday, June 11, 2011

Watch out, here they come!

What a fun day I had yesterday. I went to the farm right after breakfast to help with some pre-donkey day. I was suppose to meet Ruth around 9:30 am, but since she had a few stops to make she was getting there later, so I did what I knew I still needed to do, haul some more boxes of books, make some buckets and then went down to the barn to do some clean up there. When I saw her arrive I went up to the office and hey what a nice surprise, Cate was sitting in my chair doing photo cards for sponsorships. We presented Cate with an edible Arrangement that we had purchased for her with a GET WELL card and she was tickled pink. It was really a beautiful arrangement, I had never seen one, only on pictures, but definitely something I would send to somebody now that I have seen them. Really neat! So Cate was to spend as long as she could last and not tire out in the office while Ruth and I started working on the Boutique tent, we watched a video on how to set the new tent up and it looked easy as can be, reality well that was different, after about an hour of trying whatever way we could we finally gave up and came to the conclusion we might have to ask the guys for help, which was really going both of our better judgement. So we just left it there for a while, because they were no guys around to begin with. LOL. We went up to the upper barn to get all the other tents out, to get signs and stakes and whatever else we still needed, just so we can get everything organized for the big set up day  today. To get to the upper barn we had to get into through the complicated gate of the "Paddock for the Fatties", like they are lovingly called, lol or the Weight Watcher herd. There are about 18 donkeys in that group that need to slim down and it seems to be working for some quite nicely so far. In the beginning the "fatties" were all out in the pasture, and we had an easy pass to the barn and loaded up our dollies to haul stuff out, as I opened the door to get the last tent out...omg here they came running like a little mini stampede towards us. I quickly closed the door again and when we finally were ready to get out, they were all just standing in front of the door, it was hilarious, they just looked at us, had pulled everything we had loaded up from the dolly again and just brayed and brayed. What little stinkers those guys are! Orly was of course right front and center and one of the leaders together with Pablo, who is turning into a real attention seeking donkey, he never used to bother with anybody but his buddy Chullo. After some rearranging and donkey wrangling we got all of our stuff out and continued working.  Ruth and I work  well together, and we had a lot of laughs at our own expense and were just grateful that Kim wasn't there to take pictures of us to post on Facebook for everybody to see lol. Well and then came the men, so with a heavy heart we asked for help, only to have to tell the guys how not to do it, because you know how guys are, they think they know but we had seen the video just weren't strong enough to get it up. David was about ready to get the heavy machinery out  as the six of us still had a hard time even moving it up wards and Ruth almost had a hissy fit, because as soon as you touch it with stuff like that, the warranty goes out the window. But thank God for one good man, who actually listened to what we had to say about the instruction, and it turned out that one of the middle posts was jammed because of a little metal piece that was rough and it couldn't go past it, and once that was rectified it went up in no time at all, almost like in the video. So finally we could  start on setting up the boutique and it was smooth sailing from there on. I also spent some time in the office with Cate pricing items and checking orders. It's so nice to have Cate around, even if we don't get to do much together, just knowing that she is there, gives you a warm fuzzy feeling. She was getting tired fast, but if you know Cate....she is on the go all the time so she is having a hard time with that, and of course she had to go down to the barn and spent some time brushing donkeys, but at the end of the day she realized that she had overdone it a little bit for today, after all the surgery was only a week ago. So I was glad when she decided to go home and get some rest. Of course she will be there on Donkey Day.
I got home after six pm and was dead tired and in bed by 9 pm. So today it will be another busy day and then Sunday is the big day, which will be long and super busy! Only one more sleep til ....DONKEY DAY!

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