Saturday, June 04, 2011

I guess it pays to be a nine!

Being a nine can be sometimes a little bit of a challenge, especially when you are not a healthy nine, plus coupled with being an introvert, life can be quite interesting and overwhelming at times. But the good attributes of being a nine are great attributes to have, even though it can cause a lot of conflict within oneself at times. Being introverted at the same time, it takes me longer to process certain things, have to think them through and then act on them, sometimes that is hard when people want a decision from you right away, but I have no problem anymore to ask for time to think about it and time to  work through it that works for me. The good nine attributes have landed me the job I have just accepted at the DSC and I am looking forward to that part as I know I will be good at it. Having said that there are some requirements that cause me great stress in that job, but everybody is aware of those and I have not kept quiet about these issues and I am sure that with their guidance and support  I will master those parts one at a time too. After all it's not just a safe haven for the donkeys, it has also been a blessing and a safe haven for me. One where I can experiment with and exceed my limits in a safe way, with great role models to look up to and loving people around me. My position and role has now been officially announced and some came to celebrate yesterday at the office and once the technical difficulties that we are still experience are sorted out, it's time to get in the swing of it. First projects.....fundraising through volunteers and board members for the new barn, volunteer training session and  getting a volunteer forum set up.
Even the other day my peacemaker skills came into play at work as I had to mediate between some disgruntled seniors and find a solution that centered nobody out, but made everybody aware of the issues...part of it was self preservation on my part too...because I sure didn't want to talk in front of the whole group, but that's were that sure came in handy too and woops there was my solution for them and they sure liked it and everybody was happy. What more can I ask for?

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