Friday, June 03, 2011

Can you say "OH SHIT" on a blog?

Well that was may first thought and in capital letters too when I started to put two and two together the other day and well my scary suspicion was confirmed later on by an email from her. And still all I could say was "OH SHIT" and burst out into a hysterical laughter, I think it was from shock and disbelief. And after a few days of having this news settling into my brain, I am still not sure how to react to it, other than "OH SHIT"! Ooops I guess we didn't see that one coming, well we played with the possibility but that actually somebody would be that cruel and do that to us, well let's just say it's a bad joke, oh wait, it's not a joke, it's reality ...OH SHIT! This morning I have a meeting with her, oh shit, as she wants to discuss my options LOL.OH SHIT! Which to me in itself doesn't sound good, but really I only have two options....OH SHIT! Did you ever do something drastic to get away from a situation? To make a point and support a friend? Like quit your job,  to only find yourself in the same situation again a few years later?  In a different place but the same person? I bet "OH SHIT" is all you could say too.  (This blog entry would sound so much better in German lol).


Denise said...

Umm, this sounds like a moment where you need a superhero. Hope things work out better than "Oh Shit"

Tina said...

Shit I hope so too lol