Friday, June 24, 2011

Brain overload!

To say my life has been stressy lately would  still be an understatement, besides learning the ins and outs of the new part time job, which by the way I absolutely love, getting organized for a small fundraising event, planning and preparing for two big meetings, there have been lots of other changes in my daily life that I am still having a hard time coping with. With the newest developements in the saga of the "other place", I am at a total loss right now regarding what to think and what conclusion to draw, however my thinking brain is not shutting down, and my brain is on overload, the more I hear, the more I learn from different people, the angrier I get, and still not knowng what this all means and what is going on, it's not a time to really let your mind wonder. But since my mind always wanders it wanders back to a few years ago, when there were a lot of good working people lost, me included, as they couldn't keep it together anymore under the constant pressure, accusations, put downs and right down bullying and harrassement, did they try to bring awareness to the situations, like hell they did, did it get them anything, not a thing, except the pink slip, but nobody cared as these were only little part time employees, but your front people. To hear that higher up people, who have a little bit more power and say, literally refuse to do certain things, because of the way they get treated and have actually the choice to do so, bloggles my mind. When will somebody pay attention? When will somebody do something? What really needs to happen? It amazes me how one person can poison a whole environment, blame it on everybody else, and still go on as they always did. I had my opinions then, I have my opinions now, even though I am not the same person I was five years ago, most of my inner values are still the same, and one of them is a strong sense of justice and equality, whether it pertains to me or anybody else for that matter, makes no difference to me. So I can hardly wait for this weekend to be over and hear the newest developement. And as it is right now, I am actually totally fine with that. So here is to more unrest to come.....I will be wearing my cement boots so I won't loose footing in this one.

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Trina said...

Sorry to hear about everything you are going through!! I am hear for a listen if you need to vent or just talk. I agree that one person should not poison a great place and I have to believe that one day, they will get what they too have coming! Hang in there and try to enjoy yourself!

Happy Stitching!