Sunday, May 22, 2011

WOW-can you believe it?

Two nice, warm, and sunny days in a row, how special was that? Yesterday was spent cleaning up all the brush  in our little forest and shredding tree limbs and sticks from all the windstorms of the winter. Now our little forest looks very groomed and is bedded with a nice carpet of mulch. By the end of the day I was totally exhausted, constant up and down our little hill and lugging and slugging heavy branches and a lot of brush. I for sure thought I would have a good night sleep, but not so, I woke up about every hour just to fall back to the same horrible dream I just woke up from, not sure what it was, but the dream was so real and so terrible, that I didn't really sleep all night, of course this morning it was a little bit hard to get out of bed to make my way to the DSC. Once you there, you literally forget everything and nothing bothers you and you just enjoy the donkeys, your co-volunteers and the people. It was mostly nice except for a short downpour that made it cool off for a moment only to get the sun out in full force, and I have a slight sunburn on my neck and forehead. I really should invest in a brimmed hat, but I just hate hats. So if this keeps up the way it is going my German will be improving drastically by the end of the summer, so far every Sunday I had to speak German to somebody, of course they always send me up to do so and well my German really is pathetic, but no matter how bad it is, aparently you still can tell as a fellow German what part I am from, now that's funny!
Right now I am so ready for bed, I guess being out all day and working hard does that to you. :) So hopefully tomorrow will be another nice day, afterall it's another day off!


Danni said...

Um, your German is most certainly not pathetic! Du sprichst ja ein tolles deutsch. Ich bin echt neidisch! Aber es tut auch gut, wieder mal regelmaessig deutsch zu sprechen, nicht wahr? :-)

Tina said...

Ja schon, aber von deinem Schreiben her ist dein deutschbestimmt besser als meins. Lol