Monday, May 16, 2011

The soggy weekend!

Saturday was finally a day completely off for me...woo hoo, I can't remember when I had a full day off, so I definitely enjoyed it with just puttering around the house and really just doing what I wanted to do. Later in the evening I picked up a friend and we headed out to a Cancer Fundraising for a friend of a co-worker. Originally we didn't plan to stay that long as I had to be out at the Farm early next morning, but we had so much fun and such a great time that we ended up staying til closing time. The band was absolutely amazing and well my little hyper coworker pull off a perfect evening, good for her, she should be so proud of herself. It was a very successful and amazing event and everything seemed to run smoothly. Ok so we stayed the whole evening, had one alcoholic drink and the rest was non alcoholic and we had a great time and I wonder why some people always think they have to drink to have a good time. I'm sorry but I do like to remember what I did on an evening like that, who was there and what was said, and not be so out of the loop that all that doesn't matter anymore. It was hard to get up in the morning but at least I didn't had to battle a hangover with a pounding headache, and yes it was a great night. The Sunday at the farm was cold and wet, and yet we had some crazy people coming out in this weather. I must say I enjoyed the day tremendously and the new girl Louise, a part time barn staff is a real sweetie, a farm girl through and through and a fountain of knowledge about animals. I really like her, it is good to have somebody so animal loving and dedicated on staff. She grew up on a sheep farm, and has so much to share too for the welfare of our four sheep. Lucky, Larry, Nello and Werther are lucky to have her and she just loves them. She sheared Larry on Friday and he looks so cute and tiny without his big thick fleece coat. He is such a friendly littel guy, and seems so much happier too. The donkey boys on the east side were quite rowdy and were vying for attention of volunteers and visitors, while the real rowdy boys were very smart and were all huddle up in one corner of their enclosed shelter so nobody could see them, unless you were actually walking in there. Smart creatures, stayed out of the howling wind and the cold rain. I ended the day with a nice warm bath before heading out to work for a few hours.

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