Friday, May 13, 2011

Must have been Friday the 13 th!

So this morning I get up, got all my things ready for my day and had extra time before heading out and I thought, well I have even time to blog...well so I thought, but then blogger had some issues and my intentions went right out the window. Arrrgghhh! So then I had to fill my time with something else, which was really disappointing, but well I got some things done and felt good about that. I started to take the first few boxes of my book collection up to the DSC, where I was going to spend my day on Friday.  I had some Donkey Day stuff to finish off and then it was time to get some things done in the office and start finally some training on my new job. Boy it's a mess right now, it has kind of been neglected due to other duties of that staff member, so before I can start anything I will have to work on getting things organized, filed, recorded and then well then it's off to being in charge lol....I definitely have big shoes to fill, because Cheryl has been doing an amazing job with the Volunteer program, but she has had just too much other things to do at the same time, that she could only do so much. And everybody loves Cheryl, so it will be a change for people. Oh well....they will get over that too. I am definitely excited but also nervous, I will just go with the flow, unlike Cocoa.....
So I got a few things accomplished at the DSC that day too and as I was leaving I noticed that Adam and Chantal have been working hard on the paddocks, there will be a paddock for a fatty group, the main herd, the problem donkeys, Halfway Haven, and for the minis plus Juno and of course the barnyard and the office paddock with the learning centre, I think it's all to be set up by Sunday, we will see, they still are waiting for a few new shelters. And then the big change suppose to happen at the end of the summer with construction of a new barn etc. So lots of things going on right now, in the beginning it was a little bit hard to envision, but once you get the plans explained, it all makes sense and I know it will be great and exciting and it will eliminate a few ongoing issues with drainage and mud. And the barnyard animals will have the Eastside as their home, and the other side of the barn will be more our hospital. But I am sure there will be rules and regulation to come with that and who knows what they will be. However I will not worry about this right now and just deal with that's in front of me. No use worrying about stuff you have no control over to begin with and we all somehow adapt to changes somehow.
Otherwise I have been scheming how to lend as much needed support to my good friend, somebody I love dearly,  and try to brighten up her days. It's a little bit tricky as access to her is very restricted, however it's good to know that others think, if anybody can pick her up, it's me and I have their support and help. Who would have thought!! lol. 

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