Sunday, April 10, 2011

This and that from the past week!

Hard to believe it is April 10th already, the time is passing way too fast for my liking and it will seem even faster in the next little while. Three years ago today I  made a major decision and major change in my life, it's been a fun and interesting journey so far, and even though at times I had pretty down times, I have come up stronger and better and like my friend J. always steps will get you there....oh shall I tell you abut my baby step from today? lol ok this one is for you J. and I am sure you will get a chuckle out of that one......I went for a bike ride this morning, thought I better get started on training. I have a set route to take, it's a very slow and not very bad incline, but I guess I start out with that one, after I had done that I decided to give the big hill a try that is on the other side of our road....I originally gave myself to only make it up to the first house, and I probably would die by then, but actually it wasn't so bad and I kept going and next thing I knew, I was all the way on top...woo I have to be able to do that about fifty times in a row and I will be set for my adventure lol...awww baby steps. lol

On Wednesday I took a trip down the mountain to have a test down, this must be the worst test that is involved in this whole ordeal, first of all the prep for the test alone is torture for me and everybody around caffeine the day before and the day of the no sitting around and relaxing with a cup of coffee, but wait, yes relax you have to do, but not with coffee, because you are also not allowed to be physical active the day before and of the test...and what do I usually do when I don't have anything else to do I go on the thread mill or on the elliptical, but no can't do. So it really was two days of not engaging on my two biggest joys. The test wasn't till 2 pm that day, the test itself is very simple, but very uncomfortable and well not exactly the most lady like test. First thing you get a nose clamp to plug your nose, then you get a tube, on which you are to wrap your lips around without ever, and I mean the whole duration of the test, to take your lips off until you hear the beep at the end of the test, which last anywhere from 12 to 18 minutes, I guess it depends on how good you do. So you can't really swallow, because that would cause you to loosen the grip of your lips around the tube, so you have two choices, either let it drool out of your mouth or somehow collected it in your mouth without drowning yourself, remember you can't breathe through your nose, because it's plugged, you only breath through your mouth  without swallowing, which makes your mouth and throat really dry. It is so uncomfortable and makes me just miserable, so when I finally heard the beep and was allowed to take the plug off and the tube out of my mouth, I guess with my first breathe in all my collected spit went down the wrong tube, omg I thought I was going to die, I couldn't stop coughing it back up and it took about five minutes for me to catch my breath, it was so embarrassing, but I did great on the test lol. Well that's it for the next eight weeks... when the torture will be repeated.

Thursday I received an email from a very loved friend, and even though the content wasn't filled with the best of news, I was delighted to hear from them and let them know how I feel and that I will have them in my thoughts and prayers for the next little while and hopefully everything gets back to "normal" soon.

Thursday was also an interesting day at work, well every day with the seniors is interesting, I actually enjoy the times with them tremendously and there is never a dull moment. That day was no exception, I played nurse to one of them, and well man being man, and they sure don't ever loose their joy for the care from a woman and he was quite happy for me to be his nurse. Then there was the long talk and listen session with another gentleman, who actually sat himself in the office across from me and just talked, I learnt a lot about Lawn bowling and construction and engineering that day and actually found it fascinating to listen to him. Well after talking with me for good 1 1/2 hours, his headache, which made him not attend the seniors meeting upstairs, was gone and he was happy about that.... and he will tell the major personally about what a great job I am doing at one of the city's facility...lmao oh yea...I didn't work for 1 1/2 hours, don't tell him  that lol. It was just a fun day at work that's for sure.

Today I had actually planned to travel to Guelph to the DSC, but I really needed a ME day, and have not really done much of the things I stayed home for....shame on me...arrrggghhh....should have been not so lazy and went to the farm, but then my back is still hurting so I will use that as an excuse, and it's a good one too.


Louise said...

Phew! You had quite a full and interesting week. I'm glad to see you active and involved so much these days.

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

thankfully Dorothy is a very nice person once you get past the front door.

Sharon said...

Hi Tina,

Did you have a spriometry test done? Rough! You begin to wonder if your lips are still really around the tube or not, LOL! They are numb!

Interesting week! WOW, bike riding, has been years! I have a friend (my age) who goes 20 miles and beyond on her bike. Of course, she does those long runs too, she's more athletic than I am, lol!

Going to say bye before this kicks me off!

Joan said...

Congratulations on that bike ride... top of the that's great!

One day you'll have to tell me what they hope to find with that horrid test! You did make me laugh at the logistics of it all :)