Thursday, April 14, 2011

L is for Lessons!

Lessons I have learnt at my age!
(ok I am admitting it...I am a slow learner at times)
* what ever the reason or your motivation, don't ever run without emptying your bladder first!
*just because it looks easy, doesn't make it easy and it takes years to actually properly learn it.
*if you don't try, you never find out!
*I love my own company, actually I am the best company I can keep, and don't think I don't argue with myself at times!
*Just because you care deeply for and love some people deeply, doesn't mean they are the best people to have around you. You can still love them and care for them but from a distance and to a degree that doesn't do any harm to you.
*giving up is not an option....I have to keep motoring along, no matter how slow.
*sometimes one has to try a few times, sometime more, to get something right
*feeling loved can make all the difference in the world.
*be yourself, everybody else is already taken.
*people who judge me can't love me
*those who are the loudest don't always get heard.....and sometimes a quiet voice has much more substance to what they say then somebody who is always talking.
*I process information differently and most of the times I need time to think before I respond and weigh out all the points.
*I always have a choice.


Joan said...

Some very precious nuggets of wisdom in that list, thanks

Tina said...

Well a lot of things I learnt from you Joan. :)