Friday, March 25, 2011

What a wonderful day!

Wow what a difference a day can make..yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day, with bright sunshine, blue skies and the warmth of the sun quite noticeable, quite contrary to what the day was like just a few hours before, when we had a real blizzard sweeping through the region. Foolishly I ventured out that morning to drop of the DSC Memorial book, to file some papers at the DSC and well to bring Cocoa a treat. Cocoa has been on bad terms with me lately, not bad in a bad way, but kind of just ignoring me, so I thought there is nothing a handful of apples can't fix, but boy was I wrong, when I finally made it out to the DSC there was not a rowdy boy in sight, I even went up along the paddock they were all hovering in their deluxe shelter and not one of them  even stuck a head out when I called them, can't really blame them,it was a good day to keep your ass in. The wind was howling, the snow was blowing and it was just freezing cold, the icy snow pellets actually hurt when they hit your face.  Out in the distant field there were only a few brave donkeys roaming in the storm the rest must have been hiding out in the barn, I didn't even make it down there, and that is so not like me to not say hello to Orly and Juno at least. I went to the office, dropped my book off, filed my papers, fixed up one paper really quick, had a nice chat with Cheryl and then I was on the way home again, just didn't want to stick around in case it got worse, and worse it sure got, the roads were icy, it was foggy  and the blowing wind made you hang on tight to your steering wheel. Not the smartest decision to go out on a day like that, but also good to know that I can drive in conditions like that. But I was glad to be back home and sure stayed in for the rest of the day. So yesterday's sunshine was just the right thing to get one in a good mood. I worked in the morning and I spent a good time of that time outside shoveling ice sheets of the sidewalk and partially of the parking lot, as it was salted the day before, but because it melted and then it got freezing cold during the night, it was just one big sheet of ice and because the sun being out they didn't salt it again, hoping the sun would melt it, well it did, but not fast enough and with the seniors coming in at noon I sure wasn't taking any chances of one of them falling. I left work at noon and made my way down the mountain to the clinic for an appointment, some changes going on there, which I really am not a big fan off but then no big deal either. I was seen by the "man" himself and what a nice man he was, very funny and witty and an absolute positive force and very encouraging and supportive. It was nice to meet him. He made a few comments regarding my progression and well let's just say I put him in his place right away lol....not in a bad way, but by the redness in my face and my quick reaction to it, he realized very quickly that that was not for me and I was happy about that. He also asked me what I thought was a weird question, but I was even more surprised by the answer that came out of my mouth, would have never thought I would hear myself say that. And it sure brought a smile to my face, one that I was wearing for the rest of the day. Funny when you smile a lot, people always think you are up to something...I love
it....and really it's nothing. Drove home, took Pookie to work and then went to my meeting, which was great too. I got a big compliment from a long time acquaintance there, well any
other time I would have not believed it or just chucked it up to nothing, and really how much
can you believe a professional clown? But since he wasn't wearing his big red nose  I
took his words and thanked him and well I didn't even blush, so that was good too. Coming from him, I know it was genuine and meant the way he said it, we have had a good report from the first time we met and it's always a pleasure to be in his present and he sure knows how to make you smile and have a good time. So I really had a good time again today, woo hoo that's been quite a few in a row now.... I could make this a habit. LOL!!!

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Sharon said...

Brave (foolish) Gal, to go out in the nasty weather! Glad you made it home ok and didn't land on your back!(or in a ditch)

It's always nice when good weather follows bad, it makes it even better! ;-)