Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Come on Eileen!

OMG to know Eileen is to love Eileen. I met Eileen on a cold Sunday morning in late November. Didn't really got to spend a lot of time with her at that point but lately we have spent many Sunday mornings down in the barn. Eileen is almost 50, thinks however she is an old fart, she was never married, and doesn't hold out much hope for it either lol ( those are her words and I can only woman), doesn't have any kids, and lives alone with a dog and a cat. She is beautiful, smart, and has always a smile on her face. She has a heart of gold, knows what she wants and is hilarious. She is like mother hen to the donkeys, she gave all of them little pet names, mostly because she can't remember their real names, lol, but omg she just is too cute and funny to watch with them. She makes sure there is no fighting at the feeder, makes sure her SUM SUM ( aka Summer) gets enough to eat. She even directs them to different feeders so they all get their fair share.  She is like a little kid in the candy store when she is down in the barn and every moment is just pure pleasure for her. She calls everybody "lovey" or "hun", which usually irritates the heck out of me when people do that, especially people I don't know, but with her, you can tell that she means it that way too. She is an absolute delight, full of life and energy, always there for a good laugh or a shoulder to cry on. She loves the smell of donkey barn, more than she loves her horse barn, she actually is a horse person, but has been converted rather quickly. She is outgoing, talkative and genuine. Usually in my first instinct I shy away from too outgoing people, just because that's how I am and my own little issues came to play at those moments too, but with Eileen, well it's almost like Chiclet and Paco,  she was just always there and omg we do have fun even cleaning up poop for hours. And it's another person that makes the time at the DSC so enjoyable, it's not just all about the donkeys, well it is, but it is also about the great people that care for them, and wow I sure  have met some of the best.

Eileen and our cuddle donkey Chaplin
(if he wasn't named Chaplin, his name would be Cuddles)


Joan said...

Most of my favorite people in this life are donkey people found at the sanctuary... sounds like you've found another great friend, great!

Tina said...

Does that mean I am one of your favorite people? Lol

Joan said...

Of course... :)

Sharon said...

Your friend, Eileen, seems to be your kind of people! She really appears to love the donkeys!

Louise said...

Sounds like a person that I'd like to know.