Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday ramblings about Wednesday

*The buzz at the Community Centre was loud last night, with a room full of Zumba fans, the class was just a rocking. We almost ran out of room and some people kind of had to dance out of the door ever so often. Maybe it was just the people, maybe it was that we had two guys in the class or maybe it was just that it makes you feel good. It was nice to see some of the people I haven't seen for a while now, and it's always nice to catch up with them. Some of them have a very full life, with things that are not really their own, but it takes over their life and I feel bad for them as they put themselves on the back burner to help others, but it's amazing what you would do for family and she keeps on smiling, but I know deep down she is hurting, we had those talks before. So it was especially nice to see her last night. We all have our own little and big battles to fight in our lives,  how we deal with them is what makes us or breaks us. And other times looking at other people's lives doesn't make your life look too bad after all, but nevertheless each of us has their own struggles and demons to battle and to each of us their are our own and huge in our own unique way. They are just different at times. Well nothing that a good workout can't cure or at least lessen  for a few moments and give you more energy. WOO HOO FOR ZUMBA! I am so happy that my feet work again and I can participate the way I think I need to and it's back to being fun. Could have something to do too with the bubbly instructor, who is just awesome. Positive and always encouraging.
*Well I actually stitched a few stitches yesterday too, wow it has been a long time since I really picked up a needle and thread, but the current project is still far from being finished. Maybe for Christmas, afterall it's a Christmas picture too lol.
*Didn't really do much yesterday as it was my day off, went grocery shopping, and spend a lot of time chatting with my friend per email. Wonder when they will cut us off? lol.... But it was fun as  always and one definitely learns a lot from talking about things and well it's almost as good as therapy lol. Funny thing too is that I haven't really fallen back on some of my bad coping skills and that makes me happy, I still have not been to Retail Therapy once yet and I have no urge to do so. As for Sweet temptation therapy, and I am talking Chocolate and cookies here, lol, I had the odd gummy worm here and there, but that's it. So that is big progress too. Seems the more you know the better off you are, but you have to be willing to learn and willing to accept a few things along the way and I know some have a hard time with that. I know that by the comments they make to me lol and that's just go ahead and be happy in your little world my sunshine lol. To each their own.
*Well today is another appointment at the doctors and we will see how it goes. There is always hope for better days and an end in sight one day. It's all about your attitude and your way of dealing with things and well the better the better. Seems like being positive and not let yourself get hung up on little setbacks is the way to go, I know that is sometimes easier said then done. Oh well, we will see what it will be like today, and really it can only get better. So off I go in a little while and be hopefully back in good spirits.
Have a wonderful day!


Louise said...

Sure does look like you are making definite progress in your life. That's so great to hear, Tina!

Sharon said...

You have a lot of good things going on now, I think this is causing a very positive reaction!