Friday, February 18, 2011

Be happy-smile-cry -be really happy and smile and cry some more

Well that's the kind of day I had yesterday, it was all in all a great day, with a few moments of sadness and tears while remembering sweet little donkey souls that are no longer with us. I had an appointment down the mountain in the morning, when I got there, I had to do a few test, which I didn't know was going to happen and well seems like everything is good and progressing nicely. Slow but steady, well the three steps forward, two back approach will get you to the end later than sooner, but that's ok as long as you make it to the end. On my way home I received an email from the DSC inviting us, staff and volunteers to a memorial to celebrate the live of all the donkeys we have lost in the last little while, and especially Paco. Seems like his death has left us all very saddened and definitely in shock. So remembering all the sweet animal friends I have lost lately, it brought a few tears to my eyes, but I will be gladly attending that Memorial and be with my donkey friends and animal loving friends. Then I received another email, which really has me worried about my sweet Hershey, well Hershey definitely had his behavioural problems, and it makes me mad and sad that this sweet little donkey is paying such a high price for the ignorance of people, that think a cute donkey is like a dog and should be treated like one. Poor Hershey has no clue where he is coming from, his behaviour at times is very unpredictable and he has good days and other days he just wants to be the dog playing that he thinks he is. Poor little soul, to be that unsure of who you are or how you suppose to be. There was another incident with him on the weekend and well we are once again cautioned and advised what to do in regards to being out in the field with them. Gee just when I think I got over dealing with my fear of Juliet and are comfortable being out in the field by myself, it is no longer an option. I just hope we can help this little confused donkey to become a part of the donkey world, in which he belongs. ( Well maybe the first sign should have been.....he doesn't like carrots!). I know Cate will make sure he gets extra attention and he does well with her, well he does well most of the times, it's jut the little freak moments he has, that make him dangerous at times. When I came back into town, I went to work to meet up with the Seniors and Carpet bowlers, omg it just makes me laugh and smile. It is really fun to see some of the seniors and their senior moments, and omg "oh shit" still comes out of their mouth too, which was really funny, because she is such a lady under "normal" circumstances lol. After work I went to the store real quick to get my new prescription, over which one I am delighted over  he he he, came home made dinner, took my daughter to work and went to my meeting for shortly after six, which resulted in a little internal happiness dance, considering I did better  and was the biggest loser lol. Then I read a blog post of the director of the DSC in tribute to our little Paco, and that opened the floods of tears again. Not sure why this little guy's death has effected me so deeply, but I do miss that little crooked face so much. Well it was a lovely tribute and she sure has a way with words, just amazing. Even the invitation to the memorial was just beautifully written by her. She is truly an inspiring woman and one I hold in very high regards, like so many women that are involved with the DSC.


Louise said...

((((Hugs)))) It's so hard to lose the animals we love. I think it's a good idea, though, to have that memorial. Remember that they will always live in your memory.

I will keep my fingers crossed for Hershey. Poor little guy, who suffers now from improper training.

Sharon said...

Your day was really up and down, wasn't it? Whew!

I love all the animals, but for some reason, certain ones, just tug on my heart more than others. Is probably the same for you.