Friday, February 11, 2011

Our littlest buddy Paco-bear

As I was arriving at my meeting last evening I received an email from Cheryl at the DSC, I knew right away something was wrong, and it was, omg I was in shock, as I am sure everybody else was that received this email, yesterday  our littlest buddy, and one the most beloved  and most sponsored donkey at the DSC, had to be euthanized. He had collapsed in side the barn and even with the vets immediate attention and a rescue transport to the OVC there was nothing they could do for our little buddy. I still can't believe that our Paco is gone. He was such a sweetie, who  was born with facial deformities, an extra ear and ear tags along his face and a very poor formation. His whole body was just not right. Paco arrived at the sanctuary at the age of 6 months, at the same time a neglected white little donkey, same age, named Chiclet arrived, and they formed an inseparable friendship. Chiclet was very persistent to make Paco his friend. Paco was our pride and joy at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, where he stole the hearts of so many, as he acted like he owned the stage. Due to his deformities throughout his body, he had a lot of problems with tense muscles and poor posture and was often sore, but found relief with the help of massages and special treatments. He was a feisty little guy, who didn't let his disability deter him from anything, he was the beloved sponsor donkey of so many special needs groups of kids and grown ups that came through our gates, pure determination and spirit. He taught everybody that you didn't have to be "perfect" to be and do things. I loved it when I got to feed him his dinner at the end of the day and all I had to do was call his name and tell him it was dinner time and he would come running. I still can't believe that the little cute donkey with the crooked jaw and his tongue sticking out will not be there anymore the next time I will visit. Makes me so very sad, he truly was a sweet soul.  I just feed him his dinner on Sunday still and now that sweet little boy is lost forever! Rest in Peace little PACO!
Ok, having spent the whole evening  and night crying over sweet Paco bear I must somehow find a bright side to  all of this. Really when you think of him and all the things he had against him, his crooked jaw didn't look that bad from the outside, but if you knew how badly his teeth were aligned inside, it's a wonder that he made it to the age he was, and that that was only possible with lots of care and love, special attention, special medial treatments and a whole lot of help from people who fell in love with the cute little donkey. Some of us went so far that we pre-chewed carrots and apples for him  because there was no way he could chew bigger pieces on his own. He truly was so very much loved and cared for by everybody. 
It makes me so sad and yes I'm crying again for all the school kids that have adopted Paco, especially one teacher comes to mind who has sponsor Paco with his  grade three class every year for years now, I guess they will learn a lesson in death and I am sure he will be as good as he is with everything else in dealing with this with his kids. My heart goes out to them all.


Melodie said...

I am so sorry that Paco is gone.I am glad most of his life was spent on the sanctuary where he was loved and cared for and where he was able to touch so many lives.Rest in peace little donkey.

AJ-OAKS said...

Hugs to you. Hugs to everyone at the DSC.
I am so sorry. :(

Sharon said...

So terribly sorry to hear that, I feel bad for all of you that loved the little guy so much. Rest peacefully now, Paco.

Tina said...

Thanks guys, he was such a big presence for such a little donkey!