Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh my! A little bit of that and a little bit of this!

My day started of with a smile and a sweet memory of my paternal grandfather as one of my FB friends had posted a short video of my grandfather's favourite TV show, Laurel and Hardy, in Germany called "Dick und Doof" ( Fat and Dumb) on her wall.  The TV show ran Friday evenings from 6-7 every week and he wouldn't miss it for anything, so when Omi and Opi  came to spend weekends with us, they made sure that they were already at our place before that and dinner was not to be had until afterwards. Nothing would interrupt this hour of comedy, so it kind of became a family show for us, that we even watched when he wasn't around. This clip however has a little bit of a twist and I just love it. lol 
After a less than enthused workout I had my shower and breakfast and went of to work, where I was greeted with a  "we have a problem" as soon as I walked in. Well I made a few phone calls and well help was on the way, just not as soon as expected, so my short day at the office turned into a long day and it kind of derailed my plans for the afternoon, which was a trip to the DSC to work in the office. Well at least now I don't have any excuse not to go on Sunday lol. Well otherwise work was fun and well I saved a few butts and probably screwed things up too, but it seems like the vultures are already flying about you before you are even down and out yet. Can you feel the knives in your back yet? I sure can and I have some slight suspicions about one certain individual, but that comes to no surprise because that's just their style and well whatever floats their boat.  A few heads will roll again, with one big one gone today and well more on the chopping blocks to go. Oh the fun of restructuring a cooperation. I finally came home and popped in some Zumba Wii and woo hoo I made it to Zumba pro status lol....yeah right ! Then I stepped on the dreaded Wii board to let some weaselly cartoon voice tell me that I am "obese", she says that while my cartoon character named mom hangs her head low, how is that for self esteem lol. As I was preparing  my pre dinner high fibre snack, I had a cup of wild blueberries and  well as I am pouring them into my bowl, I am thinking "damn I bet these are good heated up over vanilla ice cream and then my paternal grandma popped into my head, she used to make these yeast dumplings with melted butter and poppy seed and sugar mixture on top and then drowned in hot blueberries. Hmmm yummy! But sure not on my eating plan these days lol. So I just munched on my blueberries and savoured every imaginary spoonful with a picture of this on my mind. Hmmmm!

Well it sure was a full day of lots of things going on and a few more things added on and lets just say one email about something totally innocent ended up in a long discussions and a lot of food for thought ....thanks my friend  and don't think we are done yet lol....there is lots more to come.  As for tonight I am taking it easy and just enjoy a quiet thoughtfilled evening.


Jules said...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day!

Sharon said...

I think it might be fun to watch heads rolling, especially if they had it coming.

A machine has the gall to call you obese? Humph! I hope you called it a name too. I prefer the use of pleasingly plump rather than obese! I am obese, yah, I would be upset if a machine said that to me!

Tomorrow is hump day and it's all headed for the weekend! :-)

Tracey said...

If I stood on that machine it would at a time please!
Or perhaps it goes as far as to fat bastard!!!! xxx