Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Some things just need to change!

Funny how around New Years always new ways of thinking come about and the intentions are good and sincere in started the New Year of fresh and full of hope. Well there are a few things on my to do list for this year that definitely need some attention, nothing new really, and the intention to tackle these things was always there, but I will make a concious effort to work on them, one day at a time. My motto for 2011 will be "Simplify" and "Reduce". As every year for Christmas I received beautiful candles and body lotions, just to add to my collections? No these are things that should be used on a daily basis, but I have this odd thinking in my head that stops me from actually using them and enjoying them, you know that save it for that special day or that special feeling or mood, well what if that never comes or I won't be around when it finally shows up, so I decided that every day really should be special and nothing shall or will be reserved for any special times, because either there are none or I have to make them all sepcial. Not sure why my head goes like that, because really it's just not existing the way I think about it, so this coming year I will use all my pretty smelling lotions, fill my house with scented candles, no matter how much I love it and will miss it when it's gone. I am sure there will be more and better things when I need them to be replenished. This sure will free up a lot of space in dressers and cupboards as well.
Another thing I really want to work more on is being organized, most people think I am, but really that is just an illsuion or false impression, I am to a degree organized but I also waste a lot of time on looking for things that I have no clue where they are but know I have them. I know that will be a challenge but I will give it my best shot. Maybe I start small ...


Joan said...

WE have so many similar notions! I often smile or chuckle when reading your blog... Yes I save thing for the special occasion, but no more... will follow your example. And organized? Just so long as you don't open the door to my Room of Shame! I also decided that this year coming will be the year I clear that room out and also the little store house!

Sharon said...

I long ago quit saving stuff like that for special - lotions get crappy and soap gets all dried out and those cute little nighties end up being too small, if you know what I mean.... The scented candles, well, they bother me except for one brand of vanilla ones, so that's what I burn and I gave the the others away. (I do however "save" the dinner candles for when the power goes out. LOL!)

Think it's a case of use it or lose it. BTW, Lotions DO have expiration dates!

Tina said...

Joan-your comments always make me chuckle to,because it is always hard to imagine you being like that, but the more we talk all the time the more I realize how much alike we are, and talking about things like that, well we both know how hard that is for us. Lol
Sharon-you are so right, as candles do loose their scent too over this will definitely be a conscious effort on my part, one that should bring joy every single day.