Sunday, December 05, 2010


Saturday was my Saturday to work again, I just had a short day though as the hockey guys decided that the timing so close to Christmas just didn't fit into their shedule of things that had to be done before the Holidays, so by noon I was done. After work I went to my friend Betty's house and she showed me her house all decorated for Christmas, she did a beautiful job and has such an eye for decorating that it was fun to check out every room. Not having had much of a Christmas as a child, she goes all out now, and pretty much decorates every room in her house and she just loves doing it. After that we ventured into the lion's den, and I am calling it the lion's den, as it is a place I have avoided for a very long time now and as much as I wanted to go, I had to really put a lot of thought into if I wanted to get back into that person's life, to whatever degree it is, so after thinking long and hard about it, and having run into that person the day before, we decided to go to her little country store. Nothing has changed, she still has the most beautiful things at her little store, and the best candles and the best prices around. I picked up a few things and it was definitely appreciated that we came. There was lots to talk about, and even though I am a very skeptical person, it was not to miss that she had changed quite a lot in her thinking and outlook, which really was refreshing. Given she hadn't had an easy time, but there comes a time when it is time to let go of the things you really have no control over and she seemed to have done that and that makes me very happy for her. And as long as we can keep our relationship at the level it is right now, that is fine with me. So we were happy that we went and had a good time picking out a few things.
The rest of the Saturday was spent quietly at home, cleaning up a little, tinkering around here and there, wrapping a few presents and just doing nothing in particular at all. I went to bed early, as it was my Sunday to be out at the farm with the new volunteers. So it was going to be an early Sunday morning.

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