Friday, December 03, 2010

Now I know why!

Now I know why I am such a procrastinator when it comes to things that concern me,  like my personal health, my personal well being, anything that is for me, because who the heck can afford it...looking after one self costs big bucks, not just time and energy, but that I usually think can be used much better on other more pressing things, but so since things were getting a little bit rough for me, I decided well maybe it is time more me to look after the things I have been neglecting so faithfully....and boy that was a shock...I finally got my glasses, lenses alone 550 dollars, no special frames, nothing fancy, simple and nerdy...coverage by insurance just $200 dollars, only plus on this deal....second pair for free...woo hoo. Second order of the day was my feet, woo hoo can't wait to find out what that is going to cost, assessment will be next Tuesday...and woo hoo for another appointment. I am just thrilled...not...but an ancient injury has finally taking it's toll and needs to be re-addressed, overdoing things and weight issues ( yup I said it) haven't helped the situation much, and before it gets to the point I won't do nothing anymore, I might as well deal with it, and work on all ends for a better outcome....Joy! That's so not what I call selfish lol. If I want to be selfish I want it to be at least fun!
And then there are more some personal unpleasantness to deal with and I have been putting them off by weeks now too, so maybe since I am already in a blah mood and down, maybe it's a good time to deal with those too, because really can't get much worse right now.  Just not enough time to just sit and be, always so much to do, places to go, things to accomplish and I just don't function well like that......too emotionally draining.  Oh well, better get it all over and done with and hope for some breathing room soon!
Have a great day!


Sharon said...

I think this is a lousy time of year for a whole BUNCH of people. I have been trying to "get myself better" and keep running into a brick wall. Every time I think I am making some kind of headway, it farts on me. Never plan - Plans were, get the cataracts removed, have my teeth pulled, and work on losing weight. I had the eye surgery, it's taking forever to regulate, I also caught a cold from somewhere and it too has turned on me, cannot get the teeth out with lung infection, because I have to be knocked out in a hospital and in GOOD HEALTH. Ha Ha Ha. Our insurance starts over again in January. Money, Money, Money! I also suffer from S.A.D. and with the cataracts out, I am like a vampire when it comes to bright lights. Then there's this Christmas thing.... Bah Humbug, is hard to read about everyone's wonderful memories of Christmases Past, I don't really have any.

So, Tina, Girl - you are not alone, not that it's any help :(

Joan said...

Hi Tina,
Some of us have a hard time focusing on ourselves... I congratulate you on taking care of yourself and in turn you'll be there and in good order to take care of all the people and animals in your life that depend on you. And, it's one more thing you won't have to worry yourself about. Well done.